The Green Business Forum will consist of a variety of different events. You will find an overview of the programme below.

Day One - 18th of April 2023






Breakfast and Opening

CBS Kilen, Atrium


Green Leadership - CBS Leadership Center

CBS Kilen, Atrium

9.00-10.00 Towards a new business ethics - Rasmus Johnsen (CBS), Steen Hildebrandt (CBS), Christian Dietrichsen (Center for væredygtighed), Niels Fibæk-Jensen (Matter) KL.S.54

Live podcast session: The intersection between aspirational talk and greenwashing

10.15-11.15 Teaching Sustainability without loosing hope - Researchers and students from CBS and Lund University CBS Kilen, Atrium


Live interview with Arla about organizing for transformative innovation

CBS Kilen, KL.S.54

11.40-12.40 Building partnerships for a green transformation - Panel Discussion hosted by VELUX CBS Kilen, KL.S.43



CBS Kilen, Atrium

13.00-15.30 Politics vs. Science: Evidence in Biodiversity Projects - Roundtable with Justine Grønbæk Pors (CBS), in Danish CBS Kilen, KL.S.54


Forget the Start-Up Wisdom from Silicon Valley if We Want to Scale Green Tech Companies - Nordic Alpha Partners, Cornel Ban (CBS), Malte Warner (CBS Climate Club)

CBS Kilen, Atrium

14.45-15.45 CBS Permahaven - The Role of Sustainable Gardening in a Business School Context CBS Campus, Outside
14.45-15.45 Why and How Green Start-Ups Can Save the World - A Panel Debate with the Footprint Firm  CBS Kilen, Atrium
16.00-17.00 Implications of the US Inflation Reduction Act for Green Competetiveness in Denmark - Panel debate with Børsen, COWI and DI. Moderated by Cornel Ban, CBS. CBS Kilen, KL.S.54
16.00-17.00 Sustainability in Value Chains - panel debate with Deloitte, DSV and DI. Moderated by Andreas Rasche, CBS CBS Kilen, KL.1.43
17.00- 18.00 Lounge and Networking CBS Kilen, Atrium


Day Two - 19th of April 2023


Time Title Location
8.00-9.00 Breakfast and Opening CBS Kilen, Atrium
8.00-9.00 Working with climate and sustainability in consulting - Boston Consulting Group KL.S.43
09.00-10.00 Denmark Tomorrow by McKinsey CBS Kilen, KL.S.43
10.15-11.15 Understanding the EU Taxonomy - Workshop hosted by Oikos (CBS) and Position Green CBS Kilen, Atrium
10.15- 12.15 Green Organizational Change - Open Classroom hosted by Copenhagen University (KU) and CBS CBS Kilen, KL.S.43
11.30-12.30 The Role of Banks in the Green Transition - Keynote speech hosted by Business Unusual (CBS) and Gode Penge CBS Kilen, Atrium
12.30-13.00 Lunch  CBS Kilen, Atrium
12.45-13.30 CAPACITOR - A research project about the capacity of public sector organizations in the green transition CBS Kilen, Atrium
13.00-14.00 Invitational Lunch: What if Business Schools Actually Adressed the Climate Crisis Properly? - Lunch hosted by CBS for selected Faculty, Staff and Programme Directors CBS Kilen, KL.1.53
13.30- 14.30 Innovating for a Zero-Carbon Future - Podcast Recording hosted by Marianne Benfeldt Kellmann and Emil Husted featuring Jacobo Ramirez and Majken Schultz (CBS) CBS Kilen, KL.S.48
14.45-15.45 How to Fall in Love with a Problem: Why Entrepreneurship is a Good Way to Tackle the Climate Crisis! - Workshop hosted by Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) CBS Kilen, KL.S.48
14.45- 15.45 Kommunerne som klimaaktører: et 360 graders blik på kommunernes rolle CBS Kilen, KL.S.54
14.45- 15.45 Rituals or Reform? Scaling sustainability practices into SMEs  - Panel Debate hosted by Kirsti Andersen (CBS) with Lovis Engel (B Corp), selcted SMEs and Nordic Sustainabilty CBS Kilen, KL.S.43
16.00- 17.15 Exploring the Fine Line between Greenwashing and a Proactive Sustainabilty Strategy - Panel Debate with Kristin Parello-Plesner (Danske Bank), Kristjan Jespersen (CBS), Susanne Stormer (PwC) and Anette Stube (Stora Enso)

CBS Kilen, 


17.15- 18.00 Reception

CBS Kilen, 



*Please note that the programme above may be subject to changes and will be updated continiously.


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