New Book: Eclectic analytical strategies


New Book: Eclectic analytical strategie

By Associate Professor Emil Husted, Department of Organization (IOA); Copenhagen Business School (CBS); and
By Associate Professor Justine Grønbæk Pors, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP), Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

Chs.: Associate Professors Ursula Plesner and Morten Knudsen, Department of Organization (IOA)

In brief
This book's 10 chapters present 10 different examples of eclectic analytical strategic work and provides insight into the theoretical and methodological choices that must be made when working eclectically. The book offers a number of examples and discussions of how different theoretical resources can be combined in problem-oriented research and project work.

Complex issues call for eclectic strategies. Classical textbooks on social science theories are often divided so that each chapter represents one theory tradition or one authorship. Instead this book focuses on eclectic analytical strategic work. Rather than presenting and processing individual theory formations, this book shows how theory combinations can solve complex problems.

(Publisher: Samfundslitteratur; Danish: Eklektiske analysestrategier)



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