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Associate Professor Eleni Tsingou & Professor Leonard Seabrooke receive research grant

Associate Professor Eleni Tsingou and Professor Leonard Seabrooke receive research grant of DKK 5.7million for their project: 'Expert Niches: How Local Networks Leverage Markets (NICHE)'



The NICHE project offers an innovative framework for understanding how experts create niches to influence markets for specific products in Denmark and around the world. The project focuses on the types of social and economic environments that allow experts to develop niches, that can be exploited to have a strong market presence. NICHE will advance theories about how experts and environments interact when developing and strengthening market innovations. NICHE examines a number of case studies that include biotechnology, sperm banks, gastronomy and organic foods. The project uses a unique methodological mix that combines social network analysis, interviews, and stakeholder meetings. NICHE will promote knowledge about how Danish niche markets are fostered and strengthened.

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