Growth, Unemployment, and Inflation

Growth, unemployment, and inflation are central in the everyday life, affecting individuals, firms, and institutions. This thematic focus area studies the multifaced aspects of these macroeconomic variables. We are interested in studying the potential drivers of short- and long-run of productivity and GDP growth. We adopt both theoretical and applied micro and macro methodologies with the aim of providing solid-based and useful research for the Nordic and the international societies.


Peter Lihn Jørgensen

Oskar Arnt Juul

Mauricio Prado

Pontus Rendahl

Battista Severgnini


External Funding


We teach courses in economic growth and macroeconomics at the bachelor, master, and doctoral level.


Among our recent publications:

The Deep Roots of Rebellion, Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 160, 1.2023 (Battista Severgnini)

Warfare, Fiscal Capacity, and Performance, Journal of Economic Growth, Vol. 17, No. 3, 2012, p. 171–203 (Mauricio Prado)


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