Externally funded projects

As a modern business school, Copenhagen Business School seeks to attract research beneficial to both society and business. Below is a list of current and completed externally funded research projects, which Department of Economics are or have been involved in.

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AcronymTitleTypeStatusStartsort ascending
Conferences on Management and EntrepreneurshipPrivate (National)Current06-09-2017
Economic Science Association International MeetingPrivate (National)Current20-06-2017
Asian Meeting of the Econometric SocietyPrivate (National)Current30-05-2017
The socioeconomic importance of research-based educationPrivate (National)Current02-01-2017
Industrial Structure and International TradePublic (National)Current01-01-2017
Vækst med InnovationGrowth with Innovation in Danish companiesPrivate (National)Current01-01-2017
Parental job loss and child well-being. Causal inference and risk mechanisms.Public (National)Current01-10-2016
NORMANormative Foundations and Behavioral Implications of Non-Market AllocationPublic (National)Current01-10-2016
Beliefs and DecisionsBeliefs and Decisions Under Ambiguity: Evidence From The FieldPublic (National)Current29-09-2016
MismatchMismatch, matching and the allocation of workers to jobsPublic (National)Current01-08-2016
Household Debt and Savings DecisionsPublic (National)Current01-07-2016
Pushing the Data Frontier in Labor Market MatchingPrivate (National)Current01-04-2016
Why are there so few elevators in Copenhagen?Private (National)Current01-02-2016
TSSTrade, Skill premium, and Skill UpgradingPrivate (National)Current01-01-2016
Benefits of educationThe benefits of education to society – with special emphasis on higher educationPrivate (National)Current01-09-2015
Curriculum, educational performance and wagesPrivate (National)Current01-09-2015
Irish RevolutionThe historical roots of Politically-Motivated Rebellion: Evidence from the Irish RevolutionPublic (International)Current01-03-2015
Productivity and Labour market sorting in DenmarkPrivate (National)Current01-01-2015
Effect evaluation of innovation substitution schemesPrivate (National)Current01-01-2015
HouseholdHousehold Risk Management and Family CompositionPrivate (National)Current01-12-2014
SpilloversFDI productivity spilloversPublic (National)Current01-08-2014
Ejerskifte i virksomhederGrowth through transfer of ownership in Danish owner-managed companiesPrivate (National)Current01-05-2014
PeRCentPension Research CenterPrivate (National)Current01-01-2014
Inside the family firmInside the family firm: How preferences and values cause differences in business organization, decision-making and outcomesPublic (National)Current01-01-2014
Historical Labor MarketsNew Lessons from Historical Labor Markets: Using a unique Danish data source to answer key questions in economicsPublic (National)Current01-09-2013
5S – Future Electricity Markets5S - Future Electricity MarketsPublic (National)Current10-09-2012
CFEMCentre for research in the foundations of electronic marketsPublic (National)Current01-07-2010
AIMAdvanced automation technology and Danish competitivenessPrivate (National)Current01-04-2010
Congress abroad - Dolores Romero MoralesPrivate (National)Completed01-11-2016
NeEDSNetwork of European Data ScientistsPublic (National)Completed29-08-2016