Externally funded projects

As a modern business school, Copenhagen Business School seeks to attract research beneficial to both society and business. Below is a list of current and completed externally funded research projects, which Department of Economics are or have been involved in.

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AcronymTitleTypeStatusStartsort ascending
Markets, Policies, and Business Models for Green Fuels: PtX in Long-term Planning to Short-term Trading and Control, and from Demand to SupplyPublic (National)Running01-01-2024
Connecting Copenhagen. Urban structure, policy spillovers, and well-beingPrivate (National)Running01-07-2023
SINERGISustainable Innovative digitalized Network of Urban logisticsEU Running01-05-2023
Remote research - Vasyl NamoniukPrivate (National)Running10-03-2023
Rally to the Valley: Establishing Hydrogen Value Chains for the NordicsPublic (International)Running01-03-2023
EDDIEEuropean Distributed Data Infrastructure for EnergyEU Running01-01-2023
Forebyggelse og bedre behandling af komplikationer efter indsættelse af kunstigt knæledPrivate (National)Running01-01-2023
Ældres formuer, ulighed og kønPrivate (National)Running01-12-2022
The Science of doing Science: Research Partnership between Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Institute for Behavioral Economics at CBS and UChicagoPrivate (International)Running10-10-2022
SMVProSMV:ProfessionaliseringEU Running07-09-2022
What is Keeping Unemployed Workers from Finding Employment? The Role of Informations, Job Characteristics and Behavioral BiasesPrivate (National)Running01-09-2022
Forskningsprogram for Arbejdsmiljøøkonomi: samarbejdsprojekt vedrørende fokusområde 7Public (National)Running01-02-2022
The "Beliefs Lab": Understanding the Evolution and Impact of Beliefs on the EconomyPublic (National)Running01-01-2022
CCUSPublic (National)Running01-01-2022
Nordic Network on Energy System Integration and Sustainable TransportPublic (International)Running01-01-2022
Parent's Specialization: Causes and ConsequencesPublic (National)Running01-09-2021
Digitalization: Jobs, firms and householdsPrivate (National)Running01-07-2021
Employment, investment, and inequality in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crisisPublic (International)Running01-01-2021
Next Generation ejerlederePrivate (National)Running01-01-2021
Benchmarking-based incentives and regulatory applicationsPublic (National)Running05-10-2018
PeRCentPension Research CenterPrivate (National)Running01-01-2014
Field trip / Research Stay - Dario PozzoliPrivate (National)Finished01-01-2024
Public Sector Practices and PerformancesPrivate (National)Finished01-11-2022
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professorships - Jos van OmmerenPrivate (National)Finished01-05-2022
Fertility and Promotions: Academic Careers of Economists over 40 years in Denmark.Private (International)Finished29-03-2022
Modern citiesPublic (National)Finished01-03-2022
NRGcitizensMarket Design for a Decentralized Integrated European Energy TransformationEU Finished01-01-2022
STEERSDelivering a Decarbonised European Energy Sector: A Methodology for Implementing SmarT and Efficient EneRgy System Integration EU Finished01-01-2022
Initiate evaluation of OS I BRANCHEN (part I)Private (National)Finished01-01-2022
Fostering smart sector integration and holistic planning of different energy infrastructures through socio-economic researchEU Finished31-08-2021