Part-Time Teachers


Semesters of the academic year

Autumn semester 1 September - 31 January

Spring semester 1 February - 30 June

The semesters are divided into teaching and exam periods. The teaching for full semester courses runs from the beginning of September to the middle of December for the autumn semester and from the beginning of January to the end of May for the spring semester. The ordinary exam period after the autumn teaching activities starts at the beginning of December and ends at the end of January. This period is followed by the make-up/re-take exam period which runs from February to March. The ordinary exam period after the spring teaching activities starts in the middle of May and ends at the end of June. The make-up/re-take period runs for the entire month of August.


Timetable planning begins more than six months before the semester. As part of the planning, you will receive an availability form to fill in. The timetable is then created electronically based on your availability data as well as information about the timetable framework and staffing for the course. Please note that the more flexible you are the better the timetable we can make.

Changing the timetable after the semester has begun

In principle, the timetable is fixed when it has been approved and the semester has begun. In case you have to change the time of a lecture during the semester, it is important that you contact the course administrator as soon as possible. Please note that you need a special reason to change the time of a lecture.

Cancellation of teaching

It is only possible to cancel teaching if you have fallen ill or the like. In the event of illness, please notify your students via CBSCanvas as soon as possible. You should also contact the course administrator in order to re-schedule the lecture.

Evaluation of your teaching

All full-time degree programmes and diploma programmes with a finalising examination at CBS are evaluated with a standard digital questionnaire sent to the students after the completion of the course. The evaluations are conducted in the system BLUE and can be accessed the day before the final lecture. It closes the day before the exam to ensure that the focus is on the teaching. All lecturers who have taught the same course more than twice during a semester are evaluated individually in the questionnaire and will receive an evaluation report in your CBS mail.


All exams are held twice a year. There is the ordinary exam and the appertaining make-up/re-take exam immediately after the ordinary exam. You can find all information about your exams in the Digital Exam system which manages exam activities such as submission of assignments, exam information for students and examiners, comments, feedback to students, grading, etc. In order to see the exam information relevant to you, please sign in to 

The exam dates are published on the above website. Once communicated, the dates cannot be changed or withdrawn which is why it is very important that you carefully scrutinise the exam schedules when they are going out for consultation. The students are entitled to receive their result no later than 28 days after the exam date, so remember to submit the results well in advance. The month of July is not included in the 28 days.

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