The Copenhagen Education Network (CEN) is a group of economic researchers interested in education.
The network was initiated in spring 2014 by economists from Economics Departments at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), University of Copenhagen (KU) and the Danish Center for Social Science Research (VIVE). It has since been joined by researchers from Lund University, Rockwool Fonden and Kraks Fonden. 

The purpose is to provide a venue for economists focusing on education in their research, to present research papers and exchange ideas.

We have three workshops every year, alternating between SFI, KU and CBS. We discuss papers presented by the network participants and a guest speaker. Both theoretical and empirical papers will be presented.

Main organizers 

Birthe Larsen, CBS
Lisbeth la Cour, CBS
Mette Ejrnæs, KU
Miriam Gensowski, KU
Paul Bingley, VIVE
Vibeke Myrup Jensen, VIVE

CEN Workshop June 2017 CEN Workshop September 2017
CEN Workshop in Lund, March 2018 CEN Workshop at CBS, May 2018
CEN Workshop at KU, September 2018 PDF icon CEN Workshop September 2019.pdf

PDF icon CEN workshop in Lund, March 2020.pdf

PDF icon cen_workshop_programme_2020.pdf



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