Welfare: Education, Health Care and Pensions

We conduct empirical and theoretical research on major societal challenges and ask to what extent public policy can address these. We contribute to the public and academic debate around four major challenges facing modern welfare states; (1) demographic change and rising pension and health care costs from aging populations; (2) gender and socioeconomic inequality in labor market success, health, education, and welfare; (3) education-job mismatches and the demand and supply of welfare workers; (4) public/private sector interaction and private provision of public goods.



Julie Buhl-Wiggers

Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen

Katja Mann

Fane Groes

Benjamin Ly Serena

Herdis Steingrimsdottir

Moira Daly

Anne Sophie Lassen


External Funding

International and national public and private foundations have supported the research carried out in our group. Below a list of current externally funded projects:

1)  The Socioeconomic Importance of Research-Based Education (Anders Sørensen, Moira Daly, Fane Groes and Jane Vedel). Novo Nordisk Foundation

2)  The Vocational School Initiative (Fane Groes and Edith Madsen). Rockwool Foundation

3)  Pensions and Aging (Katja Mann, PI Torben M. Andersen, University of Aarhus). Rockwool Foundation

4)   Parents’ Specialization: Causes and Consequences (Herdis Steingrimsdottir, Philip Rosenbaum, Anne Sophie Lassen). Independent Research Fund Denmark.

5) The Origins of Socioeconomic Inequality in Cancer Mortality - Evidence from Denmark. (Benjamin Ly Serena, Sonja Settele). Economic Policy Research Network.

6) The effects of parental death and health shocks on children’s outcomes (Moira Daly, Mathias F. Jensen , University of Oxford, Ning Zhang, University of Oxford) 

7) Fertility and Promotion (Anne Sophie Lassen, Ria Ivandic, University of Oxford). European Economic Association



Our group teaches courses in theoretical and applied Health Economics, Microeconomics, Microeconometrics, Pension Economics, and Public Economics mainly at the graduate level.



We carry out research at a high international level published in highly ranked journals. Below a few recent examples:

Some Children Left Behind: Variation in the Effects of an Educational Intervention, (Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Jason Kerwin, Juan Munoz-Morales, Jeffrey Smith and Rebecca Thornton. Journal of Econometrics. 2022

University Admission and the Similarity of Fields of Study: Effects on Earnings and Skill Usage, (Daly, Moira, Mathias Fjællegaard Jensen, and Daniel le Maire)  Labour Economics 2021

Admission Constraints and the Decision to Delay University, (Kelly Foley and Fane Groes), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2021

Understanding the Rise in Life Expectancy Inequality,  (Gordon Dahl, Claus Thustrup Kreiner, Torben Heien Nielsen, Benjamin Ly Serena), Review of Economics and Statistics, 2021

Boys Lagging Behind: Unpacking Gender Differences in Academic Achievement Across East Africa, (Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Sam Jones and Rebecca Thornton). International Journal of Educational Development. 2021 

How Does Daddy at Home Affect Marital Stability?  (A. Olafsson & H. Steingrimsdottir). Economic Journal, 2020.

Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave: Evidence on the Economic Impact of Legislative Changes in High-Income Countries (S. Canaan, A.S. Lassen, P. Rosenbaum and H. Steingrimsdottir). Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, 2022.


The Decreased Popularity of the Teaching Sector in the 1970s. (H. Steingrimsdottir) Economics of Education Review, 2020.

Role of Income Mobility for the Measurement of Inequality in Life Expectancy (Claus Thustrup Kreiner, Torben Heien Nielsen, Benjamin Ly Serena), PNAS, 2018

Early life Malaria Exposure and Academic Performance, (Ninja Ritter Klejnstrup, Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Sam Jones and John Rand, PLOS ONE, 2018.

Who Takes the Child to the Doctor? : Mom Pretty Much All the Time, (Moira Daly and Fane Groes). Applied Economics Letters, 2017

The Relationship Between Age at First Birth and Mother‘s Lifetime Earnings, (Man Yee Mallory Leung, Fane Groes, Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis). PLOS ONE, 2016.



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