Globalization, Migration and Urbanization

The Globalization, Migration, and Urbanization Research Group at CBS is at the forefront of research, analyzing the dynamic interplay between globalization, migration, and urbanization. Our mission aligns with CBS’s strategic commitment to transformative research and collaboration, addressing societal challenges through innovative approaches and diverse partnerships.

Our research delves into crucial areas such as the effects of globalization on migration patterns, the role of urban centers in global migration flows, and the socio-economic consequences of urbanization. We explore pressing issues like rising income inequality, the impact of automation on future prosperity, sustainable economic growth through global trade and the effects of gentrification on urban residents.

By integrating CBS's strategic focus on creating positive change, we are dedicated to producing impactful research that not only advances academic knowledge but also informs policy. Our Nordic roots and international connections allow us to engage with a variety of stakeholders, from academia to industry, government, and civil society, to collectively address the grand challenges of our times.

As part of the CBS community, we embrace the strategy of transformation and curiosity, aiming to make a significant difference both locally and globally through our dedication to excellence in research and education.



Christopher Dirzka

David Jinkins

Birthe Larsen

Katja Mann

Ismir Mulalic

Yajna Govind

Laurits Rømer Hjorth


External Funding

International and national public and private foundations have supported the research carried out in our group. Below a list of current externally funded projects:

  1. Connecting Copenhagen - Urban structure, policy spillovers, and well-being (Ismir Mulalic and David Jinkins), Rockwool Fonden.
  2. Urban economics (Ismir Mulalic), Kraks Fond.
  3. Modern cities (Ismir Mulalic), The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.
  4. International trade and the distribution of welfare (David Jinkins), Danish Independent Research Fund.



Our group teaches courses in Applied Urban Economics and Real Estate Investment, Public Economics, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics.



We carry out research at a high international level published in highly ranked journals. Below a few examples:

Kilström Matilda, Birthe Larsen and Elisabet Olme. 2023. Temporary Refugee Protection and Labour Market Outcomes. Empirical Economics, 65(4), pp. 1895-1929.

Mann, Katja and Lukas Püttmann. 2023. Benign Effects of Automation: New Evidence from Patent Texts. Review of Economics and Statistics, 105 (3), pp. 562–579.

Farrokhi, Farid and Jinkins, David. 2019. Wage Inequality and the Location of Cities. Journal of Urban Economics, 111, pp. 76-92.

Birthe Larsen and Gisela Waisman, 2016. Labour Market Performance Effects of Discrimination and Loss of Skill. Economic Inquiry, Vol 54, No 3, p. 1574-1595.

Gisela Waisman and Birthe Larsen, 2016. Income, Amenitites and Negative Attitudes. IZA Journal of  migration, 2016, 5:8.

Mulalic, I., J.N. van Ommeren and N. Pilegaard. 2014. Wages and commuting: quasi-natural experiments’ evidence from firms that relocate. The Economic Journal, 124, pp. 1086-1105.

Filges, Trine, John Kennes, Birthe Larsen and Torben Tranæs. 2011. Labour Market Programmes and the Equity-Efficiency Trade-off. Journal of Macroeconomics, 33, p.738- 753.


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