Globalization, Migration and Urbanization

The Globalization, Migration and Urbanization Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group that studies the effects of globalization, migration and urbanization on societies and economies. The group utilizes a range of approaches and methodologies to understand the complexities of how these phenomena interact and the implications for individuals, communities, and nations. The group's research focuses on topics such as the impact of globalization on migration, the role of cities in global migration, the implications of urbanization for social and economic development, rising income inequality, automation and the prosperity of the next generations, distressed supply chains,  and the effects of migration. The group strives to produce rigorous and actionable research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of policy.



Julie Buhl-Wiggers

Christopher Dirzka

David Jinkins

Birthe Larsen

Katja Mann

Ismir Mulalic


External Funding

International and national public and private foundations have supported the research carried out in our group. Below a list of current externally funded projects:

  1. Urban economics (Ismir Mulalic), Kraks Fond.
  2. Modern cities (Ismir Mulalic), The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.
  3. International trade and the distribution of welfare (David Jinkins), Danish Independent Research Fund



Our group teaches courses in Applied Urban Economics and Real Estate Investment, Public Economics, and Macroeconomics.



We carry out research at a high international level published in highly ranked journals. Below a few examples:

Buhl-Wiggers, Julie, Jason Kerwin, Juan Munoz-Morales, Jeffrey Smith and Rebecca Thornton. 2022. Some Children Left Behind: Variation in the Effects of an Educational Intervention. Journal of Econometrics.

Farrokhi, Farid and Jinkins, David. 2019. Wage Inequality and the Location of Cities. Journal of Urban Economics.

Filges, Trine, John Kennes, Birthe Larsen and Torben Tranæs 2011 ‘Labour Market Programmes and the Equity-Efficiency Trade-off‘. Journal of Macroeconomics, 33, p.738- 753.

Mann, Katja and Lukas Püttmann. 2023 (forthcoming). Benign Effects of Automation: New Evidence from Patent Texts. Review of Economics and Statistics.

Mulalic, I., J.N. van Ommeren and N. Pilegaard. 2014. Wages and commuting: quasi-natural experiments’ evidence from firms that relocate. The Economic Journal, 124, pp. 1086-1105.



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