Department of Economics

The Department of Economics produces research in all economics issues, and specifically applied work which is relevant to businesses and governments. The department offers highly qualified education within an extensive number of full‐time and part‐time programs available at Copenhagen Business School, including a structured PhD program. The department also comprises four research centres: Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), Centre for Owner‐Managed Businesses (COMB), Pension Research Centre (PeRCent) and Centre for Innovation.

To formulate an optimal product mix, managers need to understand how departmental budgets and information sharing within a company can affect decision making, according to a new study authored by CBS ECON professor Peter Bogetoft and Yale SOM’s Rick Antle.
Center for Research in the Foundation of Electronic Markets (CFEM) was established as a collaboration between, amongst others, computer scientists and economists at Aarhus University and economists at CBS
Getting to the heart of entrepreneurship from all approaches
New journal article: The Deep Roots of Rebellion: Evidence from the Irish Revolution
New journal article: Cyclicality of wages and union power


cen Innovation pære

The Copenhagen Education Network (CEN) is a group of economic researchers interested in education. The purpose is to provide a venue for economists focusing on education in their research, to present research papers and exchange ideas. Read more about CEN here.

The project “The socio-economic importance of research-based education” studies the skills of university graduates improve because they were taught by researchers? What effect does university research have on innovation in private companies? Two wide-scale innovative research projects at CBS will attempt to address these key issues.


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