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Department of Economics hosts a seminar series in English where everybody is most welcome to attend. The seminars usually take place on Mondays between 13:00-14:00 at the Department of Economics, Meeting room 2nd floor (room 2.80), Porcelænshaven 16A, 2000 Frederiksberg. Any questions regarding the content of the seminars should be directed to Associate Professor Battista Severgnini ( We hope to see you.



Upcoming seminars 2019


January 22, 2019
Speaker: Jakob Miethe, DIW Berlin
Title: The elusive banker: Using hurricanes to uncover (non-) activity in offshore financial centers

January 23, 2019
Speaker: Simon Reese, USC Dornsife
Title: The Incidental Parameters Problem in Testing for Remaining Cross-section Correlation

January 24, 2019
Speaker: Federica Coelli, University of Oslo
Title: Trade policy Uncertainty and innovation: Evidence from China

January 29, 2019
Speaker: Simon Martin, University of Vienna
Title: Market Transparency and Consumer Search - Evidence from the German Retail Gasoline Market

February 01, 2019
Speaker: Germain Gaudin, European Commission
Title: Vertical Agreements and User Access

March 04, 2019
Speaker:Annette Bergemann, University of Bristol
Title: tba

March 11, 2019
Joseph-Simon Görlach, Bocconi University
Title: tba

March 18, 2019
Roberto Weber, University of Zurich
Title: tba

March 25, 2019
Speaker:Teodora BonevaOxford University

April 1, 2019
Speaker: Valarie Smeets, Århus University
Title: tba

April 11, 2019
Speaker: Rowena Gray, University of California, Merced
Title: tba

April 09, 2019
Speaker: Vincent Sterk, UCL
Title: tba

April 15, 2019
Speaker: Cloe' Garnache, Michigan State University
Title: tba

May 06, 2019
Speaker: Kjetil Storesletten, University of Oslo
Title: Tba

May 13, 2019
Speaker: Andras Niedermayer, Universite Paris-Dauphine
Title: tba

May 27, 2019
Michael Sigenthaler, ETH Zurich
Title: tba

June 17, 2019
Speaker: Jochen Guenther, University of Linz
Title: tba

September 09, 2019
Speaker: David Chilosi, University of Groningen
Title: tba

September 13, 2019
Speaker: John Gibson, The University of Waikato
Title: tba

September 16, 2019
Speaker: Stefan Pichler, KOF Zuerich
Title: tba

September 23, 2019
Speaker: Daniele Nosenzo, Luxembourg Institute for Socio-Economic Research
Title: tba

September 30, 2019
Speaker: Francesco Cinnirella, SDU Odense
Title: tba

October 07, 2019
Speaker: Enno Mammen, Heidelberg University
Title: tba

Previous Seminars 2019

January 11, 2019
Speaker: Jurre Thiel, Vrije University Amsterdam
Title: Price discrimination, switching costs and welfare: Evidence from the Dutch mortgage market

January 14, 2019
Speaker: Josef Sigurdsson, Stockholm University
Title: Labor Supply Responses and Adjustment Frictions: A Tax-Free Year in Iceland

January 15, 2019
Speaker: Aljoscha Janssen, Stockholm school of Economics
Title: Switching Costs, Quality Misconceptions and Behavioral Pricing in the Pharmaceutical Market

 Upcoming seminars 2020



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