Centre for Innovation

The primary focus of Centre for Innovation is on empirical economic research in innovation, performance and productivity. The aim is to use the research results to strengthen informed political decision-making as well as for publishing in internationally reknowned scientific journals.

Centre for Innovation is led by Professor Anders Sørensen, Department of Economics at Copenhagen Business School. The centre is currently working on three research projects:
  1. The research project Understanding entrepreneurship dynamics is funded by The Rockwool Foundation.
  2. The research project Digitalization: Jobs, firms and households is funded by the The Rockwool Foundation.

The research project A changing labour market? Increasing significance of self-employed activity, funded by The Rockwool Foundation was finalized in 2019.

The research project The socio-economic importance of research-based education is funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation was finalized in 2022.

The research project Growth with innovation in Danish companies, funded by The Danish Industry Foundation was finalized in 2022





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