Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI)

The Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI) conducts research in tomorrow’s energy infrastructure from an economic policy point-of-view to ensure a successful transition towards a new sustainable European Energy Infrastructure based on volatile and largely renewable energy sources.



CSEI is established as a European Research Center at CBS' Department of Economics and delivers expertise and new knowledge as well as education within energy economics and energy infrastructure in close cooperation with stakeholders from the sector, the European Commission and society at large. CSEI is directly supported by the European Commission (DG Energy), and will qualify the discussions at the Commission’s annual Copenhagen Energy Infrastructure Forum. CSEI will analyze the consequences of digitalization of the energy sector and its impact on energy infrastructure, investigate efficient regional decision-making procedures, explore ways to promote public acceptance of energy infrastructure projects and examine the financial challenges to energy infrastructure projects.

Mission Statement (2017):

The Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI) should deliver high quality academic research in the field of energy infrastructure, in order to facilitate a well-briefed and objective debate in the Infrastructure Forum, while also conducting other innovative research between the meetings of the Forum. The School will bring together key academia to progressively push our collective understanding of the challenges to implementing the necessary energy infrastructure across Europe.

“To prepare our energy system for the low-carbon future, our infrastructure needs radical overhaul and expansion. The Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure can help bridge the gap between the status quo and our vision for the future by providing much needed quality research."
(Miguel Arias Cañete, European Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy)


More information about CSEI, its research and latest news can be found here

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Dr. Philipp Alexander Ostrowicz