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Mail and IT support

At CBS, we use many different IT systems. You can read more about the systems and possibilities below.

E-mail and CBS account

All employees at CBS will receive an account and an e-mail address when they begin. This account lets you log on to a CBS computer, which will automatically create a profile in Outlook. You can also access your e-mail account via The account also gives you access to the e-learning platform CBSCanvas, the staff intranet CBSShare and the student intranet The students and the administration will use your CBS e-mail. It is not possible to forward your CBS e-mails to another e-mail address.


You can change your password at It is mandatory to change your password every 12 months. Log in with your CBS password. Remember to add your phone number and/or private e-mail address so you can reset your password in case you forget it. CBSshare CBS' staff intranet is called CBSShare. Log on with your CBS email address and password. On CBSShare, you can stay updated with news, future events, information on pay and find contact information for people, administrative units and departments. The web address is


CBSCanvas is CBS’ common learning platform, on which all the courses are available. Lecturers and students are automatically registered for their courses. Use the same login and password as for your CBS e-mail account. Teaching-related information and resources such as lesson plans, slides, video lessons and the syllabus are added to the individual courses in CBSCanvas. In addition, you can develop different learning activities such as assignments, quizzes and discussions. All exams take place through the platform Digital Exams, but you can use CBSCanvas for mandatory assignments that do not generate ECTS points. If you have trouble accessing your courses in CBSCanvas, you can contact your department to get access. You can find CBSCanvas under ‘Systems’ on the front page of CBSShare or at CBSCanvas replaced the learning platform CBSLearn on 31 August 2019. You can still access CBSLearn until summer 2020 after which it is shut down permanently.


As an employee, you can search different databases. Go to the library website to see the options. Here you can find instructions for creating a library card. Network access Two types of network access is available at CBS – WiFi and wired. All staff can access their network drives and the administrative systems via the wireless network eduroam, which is available all over CBS and you can access with your CBS e-mail and password. It is possible to use your own computer at CBS and you can connect it in all classrooms. You can access the wired network via internet plugs in public areas such as canteens, libraries, auditoriums, group study rooms and corridors. These plugs may be used by students as well as staff. You can find more information about network access on CBSShare under the tab ‘IT’. Click ‘IT Support’ and then ‘Network’.

IT equipment

All classrooms are equipped with a computer and a projector, which you can use for presentations. We recommend that you check the equipment in the classroom well in advance of your lesson so that possible problems can be solved before you start to teach. You can find an overview of AV equipment in the individual classrooms on CBSShare under ‘Services’ and then ‘Campus Services’. Select ‘Lokale og Konferenceservice’ and find the link to the overview on the right.

IT support

If you experience technical difficulties in the classrooms, please contact the AV support from Monday-Friday before 16:00 at Solbjerg Plads on tel. +45 3815 3534 or at Dalgas Have on tel. +45 3815 3081. After 16:00 or during the weekends (Dalgas Have only Saturday), the porters will take care of any technical difficulties.

If you experience IT-related problems or have any questions, please contact CBS IT. You can find the contact information and opening hours of the IT support and Campus Desk at CBSShare under ‘IT’ and ‘IT-Support’:

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