Department of Organization

Department of Organization

PhD Programmes

The department’s PhD students are enrolled in CBS’ PhD school. The objective of the school is to create an active national and international high-quality research environment as a framework for the development of all PhD students as researchers at CBS. This framework should help CBS PhD students to create new knowledge in their respective field of research and to succeed after graduation either in a professional academic research career or in a professional career outside of academia, meaning in private firms or public institutions, where their sophisticated research skills are in high demand.

To achieve this objective, CBS PhD school places large emphasis on
•    ensuring an adequate and relevant choice of state-of-the-art PhD courses in all research fields represented and research methods applied at CBS,
•    ensuring a high academic level of the PhD programmes through continuous quality assurance and development of existing PhD courses,
•    supporting the development of new courses,
•    developing and assuring the quality of PhD supervision,
•    supporting the enrolled PhD students in presenting their projects at international conferences, in publishing their research and in their studies abroad,
•    attracting leading international researchers  to the activities of the PhD schools, as teachers in PhD courses, as discussants in work-in-progress seminars, as supervisors and as members in PhD thesis assessment committees,
•    establishing institutionalized cooperative agreements with international researchers and research environments,
•    and establishing and maintaining a forum for the development of ideas and best practices for the supportive PhD activities in the different departments of CBS.

At the department, we have a PhD line covering all PhD projects within the department’s research areas and research methodologies. The PhD line aims to develop scholars with strong methodological skills and ability to theorize and investigate societally relevant questions pertaining to organizational, managerial and governance-related phenomena. A major strength of the program is its emphasis on strong empirical analyses – involving primarily qualitative methods – and theoretical anchoring.
The IOA PhD line is part of an interdisciplinary course cluster named “Management, Organization & Society” (MOS) that are offered for the moment jointly by the Department of Organization, the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, the Department of International Economics, Government, and Business, and the Department of Management, Society and Communication.

PhD coordinator at the Department of Organization
Ursula Plesner
Tlf.: 3815 2810
PhD coordinator at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Kaspar Villadsen
Tlf.: 3815 3649
PhD coordinator at the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management
Andreas Rasche
Tlf. 3815 5701
PhD coordinator at the Department of Business and Politics
Antje Vetterlein
Tlf. 3815 3558
PhD administrator
Katja Høeg Tingleff
Tlf. 3815 2839


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