Organizing Green Transition

At IOA sustainability and green transition is a part of how we think and what we do.

Sustainability is an integrated part of the Department of Organization. IOA has a strong engagement in the sustainability agenda, and this is reflected both through our everyday practices and across the research we conduct. IOA follows and participates in CBS’s Green Transition Initiative, and we strive to develop new ways in which our department can keep contributing. Organizing a responsible society is a prime driver of ours.


In 2023 a mapping and coordination of sustainability and sustainability transition related research at IOA was conducted. The mapping wasn’t requested, but an independent initiative proposed by faculty members. The project instantly got a green light and received funding from the Head of Department. The mapping showed positive results, and additional funding was provided from the HoD development fund in April of 2024 with the intention of continuing and expanding the IOA Sustainability project.

Read more about the mapping here.


Now the goal is to keep momentum: keep CBS and IOA’ers aware of our department’s transformative capacity. And keep students, researchers and workers engaged in the different sustainability-related activities that our department has to offer – both the ones that already are and the ones to come. We’re working on facilitating seminars on organizational theory and sustainability, gather case studies for teaching, hosting master classes and much more.

On this site we have gathered in the menu on the left all things related to IOA and sustainability. Take a look around and discover that green transition can indeed be incorporated into a corporate universe; and that organizational research can come with a grassy tint.

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