Department of Digitalization

The Department of Digitalization (DIGI) is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Our aspirations are equally grand for our research and for our degree programs. The department´s research concentrates around research themes that are topical, popular, inter-disciplinary, and dynamic in nature. Currently, DIGI focuses on AI, Blockchain, Data Science, Digital Anthropomorphism, Digital Ecosystems, Digital Health, Digital Sustainability, Digital Transformation of Work, FinTech, Learning and Skills, and Sports Digitalization.

At this year's International Conference on Information Systems, Associate Professors Xiao Xiao and Till Winkler was awarded with AIS' Early Career Award. Congratulations with the achievement!
Early careeer award
At this year's International Conference on Information Systems, Ph.d. Albert Fei Liu recieved the AIS Doctoral Student Service Award. A very big congratualtions with the great achievement!
Albert Fei Lui
Another award was presented to DIGI staff at this year's ICIS when Professors Michel Avital, Jonas Hedman, and Ph.D. Juan Camilo Giraldo Mora won 2nd runner up for Best Conference Paper. A huge congratulations!
Michel Avital, Jonas Hedman, Juan Giraldo
“We have to learn how to use AI to our advantage instead of our downfall”: Read about why we should prepare ourselves for a future based on data and algorithms in order to reap the benefits and avoid the risks of AI.
Seminar on Fake News: Learn more about the problem of Fake News and other problematic online content as one of our time’s most pressing challenges.
Fake News Seminar
Congratulations to Tara Qian Sun in obtaining her Ph.D. with her dissertation entitled: Adopting Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare in the Digital Age - Perceived Challenges, Frame Incongruence, and Social Power.
Congratulations to Associate Professor Rony Medaglia, who have won the DSEB Education Award at CBS' annual award reception 2019.
Department of Digitalization Faculty, Summer 2020
Summer Seminar 2020
Congratualations to Robert Kauffman who gave his Inaugural Lecture at this year's Summer Seminar and once again welcome to the Department of Digitalization
Robert Kauffman, Helle Zinner Henriksen, Søren Hvidkjaer


The Department of Digitalization conducts research within the following research areas related to information technology and information systems:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Use and Exploitation
  • Information Management

We strive for a high level of collaboration with representatives from industry and society (so-called engaged scholarship) while also organizing our research to accommodate for the fast-moving pace and radical innovation that characterizes the Information Systems research field. We achieve this by organizing part of our research around themes that address societal or business challenges. The themes are topical, popular, inter-disciplinary and dynamic in nature. In addition to the research themes, DIGI still maintains the more traditional research areas for the disciplinary development of its researchers.

The Department of Digitalization's revised strategy (2016-2020):

PDF iconRevised Strategy for the Department of Digitalization

The faculty at the department primarily teaches in the following degree programs:

The Department of Digitalization is a part of the following innovation and research networks:

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