Department of Digitalization

The Nexus of Digital Transformation: The Department of Digitalization (DIGI) focuses on how digital technologies are changing business and society. This is reflected in our teaching and research activities, as well as our externally funded research projects and ongoing engagement with external partners.

Department of Digitalization Faculty, Summer 2022
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Get updated on the latest knowledge and trends in digitization by attending the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) in Copenhagen in December.
ICIS 2022, Copenhagen
Wrapping up on the last 5 years and asking the great question: What is the future for Data, Economy, and Responsibility?


Research activities in the department are organized in research themes. Themes focus on emergent topics where digital technologies lead to new individual, organizational or societal processes and practices. The themes provide a platform for researchers to collaborate on cross-disciplinary topics of shared interest.

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To learn more about our strategy, read the DIGI 2020-2025 strategy

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