Time Registration and Salary

Overview for external lecturers of time registration, salary and allowed number of working hours.

Time Registration

All teaching activities (teaching, supervision, exams, etc.) are registered in our administrative system, Prophix. Working hours for external lecturers will be reported once a semester based on planned working hours.

Timesheet reports will be sent to your CBS e-mail 4 times per semester. The first three reports are for control and remarks, which you should send to Cecilie Ostenfeld (co.digi@cbs.dk). For the last report, you will have a 14 day period to give notice on any changes or mistakes. If you have not given us notice within the 14 days, the hours in the timesheet at that time will be approved as is. 


All working hours will be reported in the beginning of each semester. This will be based on an estimation of your expected teaching, supervision, exams, etc. The reported hours will be paid-out in 5 rates per semester (February-June / September-January). Whereas excess hours will be calculated after end of activity and exams. The working hours will be paid-out on the last banking day of each month.

Number of allowed working hours

Please notice that external lecturers are allowed a maximum of 500 working hours per academic year (September-June).

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