Teaching at CBS

Here you will find information relevant for teaching at CBS, such as examination rules, important websites, and academic development.

Teaching Activities and Academic Development

Teaching Activities
At CBS, it is the course administrators and course directors of each study programme, who decides which kind of teaching is available to you. It is possible to teach in other programmes, than the ones DIGI is responsible for. However, please make sure to prioritize your teaching activities at DIGI, and not to exceed the limit of the allowed 500 working hours.

Please contact the course administrator/director for further information on how to get teaching activities. 

Academic Development
It is expected that every professional teacher needs to continuously develop his/her competencies to keep up with new pedagogical challenges and opportunities in order to support the learning of students as well as his/her own teaching career.

CBS Teaching and Learning offers courses, workshops, various tools, etc. to support the improvement of academic teaching and the activation of students. Teaching and Learning offers both formal qualifications as well as informal engagement in teaching and learning for teachers at every step of their career. 

When starting your employment as an external lecturer at CBS you are obliged to follow the course Learning to Teach as stated in your letter of employment. This course is offered 2-3 times a semester and registration happens at the homepage of the Teaching and Learning, course catalogue

Exams and Grading

The Examination and grading
At CBS. we have a number of different examination forms and rules. The assessment of a student is based on the course's learning objectives. Make sure to always bring the learning objectives to every examination. The learning objectives for each course can be found in the course catalog as well on the Canvas Page, Teachers Hub. If you have not been granted access to the Canvas page, please reach out to your course administrator.

Important Websites


Canvas is the official communication and teaching platform at CBS. To access Canvas you will need to use your CBS login. Here, you will be able to upload course information, syllabus, course plans, etc. If you do not see your course on your dashboard, please contact the secretariat and they will add you. 

Digital Exam

The online exam portal where all your exams will appear. Here you will have to correct and assess the exam you are responsible for either as the examiner and/or internal co-examiner. If your planned exam does not appear in your Digital Exam flow, please contact your course administrator. 

CBS Calendar

On Calendar you will be able to see an overview of your weekly courses at CBS. You can add courses to your calendar by pressing the wrench on the left side of the window. 

Course Catalogue

Here you will find all your course descriptions and learning objectives. 

CBS Share

CBS Share is the official Intranet at CBS. Here you will find information on a wide variety of things, such as HR, IT, Campus Facilities, etc.


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