Externally funded projects

As a modern business school, Copenhagen Business School seeks to attract research beneficial to both society and business. Below is a list of current and completed externally funded research projects, which Department of Digitalization are or have been involved in.

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AcronymTitleTypeStatusStartsort ascending
HWIDA Human Work Interaction Design theorizing platformPublic (National)Igang01-09-2019
Blockchain and the Trustless SocietyPublic (National)Igang25-02-2019
CyberhubDanish Hub for CybersecurityPrivate (National)Igang21-02-2019
BlockchainBlockchain and IoT for the Danish SMEsPrivate (National)Igang04-02-2019
Endowed Professorship 009: DigitalizationMultiple financing sourcesIgang01-01-2019
Global E-Eksport af Services og Tjenesteydelser (GEES)How can companies sell complex services via global online market places in a platform economyPrivate (National)Igang01-01-2019
Digital NomadismDigital Nomadism: How IT Enables New Forms of Working and OrganizingPublic (International)Igang01-01-2019
PilothubPilothub for Digital TechnologiesPublic (National)Igang01-12-2018
Lifestyle & Design clusterInnovationsnetværket: Lifestyle & Design clusterPublic (National)Igang31-10-2018
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professor - Suprateek SarkerPrivate (National)Igang01-10-2018
Organizing for Innovation in a Distributed Digital EconomyPublic (National)Igang01-10-2018
The Future of digital paymentsPublic (National)Igang25-09-2018
InfinITInnovation Network for Information TechonologyPublic (National)Igang06-07-2018
Developing infrastructure for safe data sharing in the health sectorPublic (National)Igang14-05-2018
Digital Transformation of WorkPublic (National)Igang01-02-2018
E-eksportE-export via online marketsPrivate (National)Igang01-01-2018
Rio til RoskildeRio til Roskilde 2017 – BIG DATAPrivate (National)Igang26-06-2017
SMART GREATER COPENHAGEN Smart Greater CopenhagenEU Igang02-05-2017
Payment CharacteristicsPayment Characteristics: Development of a SurveyEU Igang18-05-2016
Crowd PlatformsDesigning the Next-Generation Crowd PlatformsPublic (National)Afsluttet01-09-2018
Contract-backed digital cashPublic (National)Afsluttet14-05-2018
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professorship - Hamid EkbiaPrivate (National)Afsluttet01-04-2018
Health ITA Cross-National Comparison of Health Information: Technology-related Policy Frameworks for Guiding Research and PracticePublic (National)Afsluttet01-01-2018
Big data Analysis Pilot Jabra in the Digital World: Big Data Analytics of Online Customer Reviews to Assess Product Quality ParametersPrivate (National)Afsluttet20-03-2017
Otto Mønsted Gæsteprofessorsat, Kai LimOtto Mønsted Visiting Professorship - Kai LimPrivate (National)Afsluttet11-02-2017
ERhvervsphdThe architectural enablement of platform strategyPublic (National)Afsluttet19-09-2016
MOCCAMobile context-aware cross-cultural applicationsEU Afsluttet01-09-2016
Rio to Roskilde 2016 - BIG DATAPrivate (International)Afsluttet29-06-2016
E-CASLearning Analytics and Learning Process Management for small size HEIsEU Afsluttet01-01-2016
Big Data AnalyticsBig Social Data Analytics: Branding Algorithms, Predictive Models, and DashboardsPrivate (National)Afsluttet22-04-2015