Externally funded projects

As a modern business school, Copenhagen Business School seeks to attract research beneficial to both society and business. Below is a list of current and completed externally funded research projects, which Department of Digitalization are or have been involved in.

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AcronymTitleTypeStatusStartsort ascending
Social Media & Society 2018 conferencePrivate (National)Current01-05-2018
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professorship Hamid EkbiaPrivate (National)Current01-04-2018
Digital Transformation of WorkPublic (National)Current01-02-2018
E-eksportE-export via online marketsPrivate (National)Current01-01-2018
Health ITA Cross-National Comparison of Health Information: Technology-related Policy Frameworks for Guiding Research and PracticePublic (National)Current01-01-2018
MOCCAMobile context-aware cross-cultural applicationsEU Current01-09-2016
Big Data AnalyticsBig Social Data Analytics: Branding Algorithms, Predictive Models, and DashboardsPrivate (National)Current22-04-2015
Innovationsnetværk for Finans ITPublic (National)Current01-09-2014
Dynamics of opinion formation Dynamics of opinion formation and group polarization in online communities in China and DenmarkPublic (National)Current15-08-2014
COREConsistently Optimised Resilient Secure Global Supply-ChainsEU Current01-08-2014
TextLinkStructuring Discourse in Multilingual EuropeEU Current11-04-2014
EULA-NETCERMATEULA-network in ceramic materials with environmental and industrial applicationsEU Current01-10-2012
Rio to Roskilde 2016 - BIG DATAPrivate (International)Completed29-06-2016
International research planning meeting at Columbia University, New YorkPublic (National)Completed15-12-2014
EUopSTART. A Digital Wellbeing Agent EUopSTART. A Digital Wellbeing Agent for a Quantified and Extended Self in the Future Internet of Things and Robotics WorldPublic (National)Completed01-10-2014
FINODEXFuture INternet and Open Data EXpansionEU Completed01-06-2014
Digital EntrepreneurshipDigital EntrepreneurshipPrivate (National)Completed03-03-2014
NBIRCNetworked Business Intelligence Research ConsortiumPrivate (National)Completed01-01-2014
IT challenges in Mergers and AcquisitionsIT challenges in Mergers and AcquisitionsPublic (National)Completed29-04-2013
CFIRCopenhagen Finance IT Region – Cutting edge finance and IT in the Danish Capital RegionEU Completed01-10-2010