Practical Information

Overview for external lecturers of contact information, IT support, campus, parking, etc.

Contact at DIGI

Cecilie Ostenfeld
Academic Officer

(If you need any help concerning time registration, salary, booking of meeting rooms etc. Please contact Cecilie).

CBS login

Username and password for CBS. Please note that it is required for you to change your password every third month. You will receive a notification email prior to the expiration date.

If you need to change your password for your CBS login, please go to

CBS email

Please remember to check your CBS email regularly, as you will receive a lot of important information here. As part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CBS has decided that it is no longer allowed to automatically forward your CBS email to a non-CBS email account.

IT support

Phone: +45 3815 3715
One site: Solbjerg Plads, Porcelænshaven, Dalgas Have and Flintholm

CBS campus

CBS is primarily located in 6 buildings around Frederiksberg: Solbjerg Plads (SP), Kilen (K), Dalgas Have (DH), Porcelænshaven (PH), Finsensvej (FV), Flintholm (FH) and Graduate House (HN).

Finding your classroom
The first letter of a classrom name indicates in which building, you will find the classroom. The first number in the classroom name indicates on which floor the classroom is. E.g. classroom: SP208, can be found at Solbjerg Plads, 2nd floor, room 08.


To park free at CBS, you will need to aquire an electronic parking permit.
CBS has an agreement with APCOA/Europark, meaning that students, staff and guests at CBS can park for free with a parking permit. 

Please register your permit here.


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