Learning in the Platform Economy (LeaP) programme


Learning in the Platform Economy (LeaP) research programme is part of the Endowed Chair in Blended Learning funded through CBS’s ‘Research in Blended Learning’ (RiBL) cross-institutional strategic initiative

Learning in the Platform Economy (LeaP) interdisciplinary, international and cross-sectoral research programme is focused on advancing the understanding, conceptualisation, methodology and policy of learning practices in the platform economy.  The scope of LeaP programme includes both workplace learning practices within platform economy settings as well as learning practices in educational settings aimed at preparing people to function effectively within the workplace.  The aim of the LeAP programme is to identify, collect, analyse and systematise empirical evidence to improve our understanding of workplace learning practices within this emergent and hitherto under-theorised form of work and to develop new approaches to teaching and learning that foster the skills, dispositions and mindsets required to function productively within crowd workplaces.  The programme pursues a dual aim of (i) advancing the understanding of fundamental processes and practices of workplace learning and skill development within new and emergent forms of work in platform settings; and (ii) developing applications, toolkits and recommendations to inform and guide policy and practice of workplace learning in the platform economy, helping organisations and gig-economy stakeholders - online labour platform owners and clients, crowdworkers, educational and vocational training institutions, trade unions, professional bodies and policymakers nationally and internationally - to design more effective and productive learning environments and empower individuals to take control of their own learning and development, fostering economic performance, capabilities, skills and well-being.

Research Themes

LeaP leads research around three interrelated themes outlined below. Within these themes, a series of interrelated research questions are addressed drawing on the relevant theories, concepts, frameworks and methodological approaches from Adult and Workplace Learning, Psychology, Sociology, Instructional Design and Platform Studies.  The LeaP themes are:

  • Theme 1. Workplace learning practices in online labour platforms
  • Theme 2. Artificial Intelligence, skills and work
  • Theme 3. Aligning higher education and emergent work practices


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