Infrastructure and instrumentation

Physical infrastructure of cbsBDA is in the form of one large room that houses a large high-resolution display and the eye-tracking equipment. Meeting rooms and open spaces for research purposes are available from the Department of Digitalization as well as central administration of CBS.

cbsBDA's IT infrastructure comprises of 7 virtual servers (3xLinux and 4xWindows) hosted and supported by CBS IT and IBM Denmark, 1 amazon cloud server (Línux) and three physical servers (Winx64) on-site at CBS and at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Scientific instrumentation at cbsBDA consists of a desktop eye-tracker (SMI RED 60Hz), eye-tracking glasses (SMI ETG-2), EEG headsets (Emotiv 16-channels), EDR wrist bands and large-screen and high-resolution displays (84-inches display at 4K, 27-inches display at 5K, 32-inch curved ultrawide monitor).

cbsBDA also has access to the facilities and equipment of the newly opened CogLab at CBS.

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