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The Department of Digitalization is a part of one of the largest business schools in Europe. We focus on research-based teaching and conducting research within the field of Digital Transformation of the Business Community and the Economy. We strive for a high level of collaboration with representatives from industry and society (so-called engaged scholarship), while also organizing our research to accommodate the fast-moving pace and radical innovation that characterizes the IS research field.

About DIGI

The Department of Digitalization was formed by merging the Department of Informatics and the Centre for Applied ICT in 2011. Previously, we focused more on developing IT and improving the efficiency of organisational processes by means of IT. Six years later, we changed our name to the Department of Digitalization (DIGI), which is one of the largest of the kind in Europe. We contribute with research-based education and conduct research within the field of Digital Transformation of the Business Community and the Economy. Our new name accentuates CBS' commitment to finding technological and business solutions to ensure that digitalization will benefit society. At DIGI, we organize our research so that it can create opportunities for collaboration and keep up with the typically fast innovation in the IT field.

International acknowledgement for IT research quality

Through the past years, CBS' research has been published in the eight most trendsetting academic journals in the cross field between IT and business. The number of publications in the so-called Basket-of-Eight journals has surpassed many other universities. In the latest ranking, the "Top Rankings of Schools in Bo8 journals", which covers the past three years, CBS is number one in Europe and number 15 in the world.

The department’s goal is to create a context where researchers can realize their potential in a supportive and conducive environment with a set of common values, aspirations and directions. This is achieved by building a work environment – where the best academics thrive – which is founded on mutual trust and respect. With this placement, CBS tops competing research environments in Europe. These great results have been achieved through collaboration in strong research teams with the dedicated and ambitious researchers of the department and a targeted effort in recruiting the best international researchers.

IT programme has top placement in Western Europe

The Eduniversal Masters Ranking has given CBS’ ”MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems” ( a top placement in Western Europe. Launched more than three decades ago, the programme builds on 33 years of experience.

Where to find us:

The department is located at Howitzvej 60, right across Kilen.

If you have a meeting with anyone at the department outside of work hours, please contact the person and they will let you in.

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