Department of Digitalization

Mission and values

The Department of Digitalization's mission, values and aspirations.

The core of DIGI

The core of DIGI's strategy is centered around the belief that individual researchers know themselves how best to spend their time and reources on a daily basis. The Department of Digitalization strive to create a context where researchers can accomplish their potential in a supportive and conductive environment with a set of common values, aspirations and directions. This can only be achieved by building a work environment where the best academics thrive, through mutual trust and respect.

Our mission statement

Co-creating knowledge with enduring consequences through the study of digital interrelationships among people, data and technology

Our core values

  • Scholarly work with enduring consequences
  • An affirmative work environment
  • Diversity and pluralism
  • Collective action and collaboration
  • Workplace interaction and citizenship

Our aspirations

  1. Publish our results in leading journals
  2. Organize research around emergent themes
  3. Strive for engaged scholarship and external funding
  4. Learning
  5. Nurturing our doctoral education
  6. Focus on Technology, Data and People 
  7. Attract the best scholars
  8. Diversity and Equality
  9. Benchmark against our peers for comparison and assessment


For further information, please see our Department Strategy

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