External Lecturers

The Department of Digitalization has a large number of engaged and dedicated external lecturers. Our external lecturers play a key role in providing high quality education to our students.



At the Department of Digitalization, you will find a large group of external lecturers. This group is one of the department's key resources in providing quality education for our students. By drawing on a large group of external lecturers, DIGI is able to provide courses with professional work perspectives and experiences within our educational areas.

DIGI is responsible for research-based teaching in several programmes including bachelor, masters and Graduate Diploma, within the following fields:

  • IT Challenges in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Internet of Things
  • Cashless Society
  • Big Social Data Analysis
  • Cloud Business
  • Sharing Economy
  • Digital Transformation of Work
  • Blockchain
  • Sports Digitalization
  • Digital Anthropomorphism

Programme Directorship

DIGI is currently  responsible for, and teaching within, the following undergraduate programmes:

and the following graduate programmes:

Further, DIGI teaches in many other programmes, including bachelor, master and graduate diploma. 


At DIGI it is important to provide a good community for our external lecturers. Therefore, we are continuously working on new initiatives to further create an active and engaged community.

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