Professor Alan Irwin receives research grant

Professor Alan Irwin receives research grant of DKK 5.5million for the project: 'Isomorphic Differences: Familiarity and Distinctiveness in National Science and Innovation Policies'



National science and innovation policies can appear strikingly similar in terms of the justifications given for research investment and new initiatives, the models and tools proposed, and the language of selectivity and research-industry alignment. At the same time, national policies inevitably reflect longer-lasting histories, cultures and traditions. The same words - and even policies - can have very different meanings in different contexts. This new research project will analyse science and innovation policies in Denmark, China and the USA from the perspective of ‘isomorphic difference’. What is the balance between familiarity and distinctiveness across different nations – and how is that balance changing over time?

Alan Irwin is the principal investigator for this new project, working closely with two IOA colleagues: Jane Bjørn Vedel and Signe Vikkelsø. Xiaobai Shen from the University of Edinburgh Business School is also a member of the core team. A PhD and a post doc will soon be appointed. The project is funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF). The total grant is 5.5 million DKK.

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