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New Publications on Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism in Project Studies


Two new publications by Associate Professor Joana Geraldi, Department of Organization (IOA), Copenhagen Business School (CBS) on Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism in Project Studies:

Plagiarism in Project Studies (Project Management Journal)

Plagiarism is condemned yet remains a frequently occurring form of academic misconduct. This editorial informs project scholars about plagiarism and Project Management Journal’s (PMJ®) approach to it. We define plagiarism as the theft of words, ideas, and representations, and explain three principles to judge plagiarism based on our expectations on research integrity: honesty, originality, and authorship. Accordingly, plagiarism detection services (PDS) assist but do not limit our judgment. We hope to lay the foundation for a comprehensive understanding of plagiarism in project studies, and thus help (early career) scholars understand the different facets of plagiarism and thereby avoid it.

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Self-Plagiarism in Project Studies: A Call for Action and Reflection (Project Management Journal)

Self-Plagiarism: What is in the name?

Self-plagiarism is generally considered a type of plagiarism as it also involves the reuse of previously published work. The reuse of ideas, representations, and data is equally relevant. We therefore extend the concept to include the reuse of an author’s prior work—be it text, ideas, representations, or data—and we have termed the practice manuscript recycling.

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