New article: In times of war: Place solidarity


In times of war: Place solidarity

   Alexander Josiassen, Florian Kock & A. George Assaf have published a paper on Place Solidarity in the context of the war in Ukraine.
   Anecdotal evidence shows that in some circumstances, countries will go so far as to provide weapons and impose sanctions in solidarity with another suffering country, in this case Ukraine. Similarly, people from all over the world demonstrate their solidarity with Ukraine through demonstrations, donations and support of Ukrainian residents (e.g., The Economist, 2022; Malik, 2022).
   It thus seems possible that solidarity with another country may also manifest in the tourism sphere and drive travel-related outcomes. However, the extant literature has yet to investigate the role of place solidarity in any context, including tourism. Articulating this dearth of research on solidarity related to the war in Ukraine, Dolnicar and McCabe (2022) have called for scholars to address the issue of solidarity tourism. Against this background, we set out to examine the question of whether place solidarity matters in the tourism sphere, by introducing and testing this concept in a nomological model.
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