Rockwool Foundation 8.2 mio dkk grant for Cedric Schneider and Center for Innovation


The Rockwool Foundation has granted ECON associate professor Cedric Schneider and Centre for Innovation app. 8,200,000 DKK to carry out the research project “Digitalization: Jobs, firms and households”. The project includes other researchers from ECON as well as an advisory board with senior researchers and economists from Europe and the US.

The project examines the digitalization of the Danish economy along three dimensions. First, the researchers evaluate the extent and consequences of the “digital divide” between workers who possess digital skills and those who do not and between firms who invest in digital skills and those who do not. Second, the gendered consequences of digitalization in the workplace and in household time allocation are being considered. Finally, the project explores the drivers of digitalization in public and private organizations. 


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