Celebration of CBS Honorary Doctors 2020


The CBS honorary doctorate is given to researchers who have earned scientific merit to an extent where it is natural to award them the highest scientific degree.

In 2020, we are extremely pleased to award this prestigious doctorate to professors James R. Tybout and Suprateek Sarker and honoured to host their doctoral defences on Thursday 19 March where you are invited.

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Dr. Tybout is Professor of Economics at the Pennsylvania State University. He is nominated by the CBS Department of Economics because he is an outstanding and successful scholar with an extensive service record, and he has already established a relationship with Copenhagen Business School that will develop further with the doctorate.

Prof. Suprateek Sarker is Rolls-Royce Commonwealth Commerce Professor (Information Technology) at the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce. The CBS Department of Digitalization has nominated him based on his level of international research excellence, his established relationship with CBS as well as their belief that the honorary doctorate is an opportunity to recognise Suprateek Sarker’s relationship with the Department/CBS in the past and to further enhance the bonds between the two parties in future.

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