Coronacrisis – find an expert


The coronavirus has compromised the global economy causing historical stock market drops, closed borders and companies under pressure. Here is a list of relevant researchers to contact if you need to see the coronacrisis from a social scientific perspective.



Associate professor Troels Michael Lilja - CBS LAW
Contact: +45 3815 3829 -

  • Insolvency/insolvency law, force majeure in terms of holding general meetings/board meetings and in terms of financial crimes in times of crisis.
  • Postponement of general meetings, dividend payment, etc.


Professor Søren Sandfeld Jakobsen - CBS LAW
Contact: +45 3815 2693 -

  • Contractual and compensation issues in the wake of cancellations of large sports events, music and film festivals, movie productions, etc.
  • Interpretation and extent of force majeure provisions


(Photo of Marie-Louise Holle is pending)
Associate professor Marie-Louise Holle - CBS LAW
Contact: +45 3815 2581 -

  • Agreements, public-private parterships and public responsibility, including damage and compensation in relation to corona



Professor Jesper Rangvid - Department of Finance 
Contact: +45 3815 3784 -

  • The financial market and macro economics
  • Recession as a consequence of the corona crisis 


Professor Niels Westergård-Nielsen - Department of Accounting, Center for Corporate Governance
Contact: +45 3815 2378 -

  • For decades, Niels Westergård-Nielsen has studied the Danish labour market, loss of jobs and job creation on the basis of register data.
  • Moreover, he has studied the effects of the financial crisis 2008 on companies, self-employed businesses and salaried employees.



Associate Professor Battista Severgnini – Department of Economics
Contact: +45 3815 2599 –

•    Severgnini has studied the relation between epidemics and trade across borders.
     Read the study Epidemic Trade.
•    Severgnini is Italian, originally from Lombardy.


Professor Steffen Andersen – Department of Finance
Contact: +45 3815 3495 –

•    Behavioural economics and household economics
•    Author of the book ‘Farligt – Hvordan de fodrer din frygt, og hvorfor du æder det (Dangerous – how
     they feed your fear and why you swallow it) which offers tools to overcome irrational fear. Death by
     terror – or epidemics – is extremely unlikely so why are people more than willing to swallow fear
     when it is offered to us?


Professor Poul Fritz Kjær – Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy
Contact: +45 3815 4281 –

•    Impact on globalisation including world trade, global economy and general interdependence.
•    Global and European answers to the threat – international cooperation and coordination.


Associate Professor Andreas Wieland – Department of Operations Management
Contact: +45 3815 2380 –

•    How does risk impact global supply chains?
•    Which industries are most vulnerable? 


Postdoc Tara Qian Sun – Department of Digitalization

•    How the Chinese population uses its communication tools (digital) and influences the government’s decision-making.
•    Qian Sun is analysing the Chinese corona virus case at the moment.
•    Qian Sun is from China.


Professor Kim Normann Andersen – Department of Digitalization
Contact: +45 3815 2437 –

•    Digital health communication 
•    The public sector’s difficulties navigating the modern, synchronous communication universe: news from
     citizen to citizen vs. formal communication from agencies and authorities.
•    The challenge of public authorities attempting to make agreements with established media on what to
     communicate and when.


Associate Professor Frans Bevort –  Department of Organization
Contact: +45 3815 2986 –

•    HR managers can play a decisive role in handling phenomena such as the coronavirus. 
•    Frans Bevort has studied organisations and working life for two decades and knows how HR
     departments can handle this task.


For further information contact Journalist Matilde Hørmand-Pallesen or Press Manager Mikael Koldby

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