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Room: SOL/C3.25
E-mail: aj.marktg@cbs.dk

Alexander holds a PhD from Melbourne University in Melbourne, Australia. Alexander is Professor, and Director of the Centre for Tourism and Culture Management, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

His research focuses on consumer/tourist behavior, and on firm strategy and creating competitive advantages. He has published on these topics in the most prestigious international marketing and tourism journals, and he is also the author of one of the leading textbooks on global marketing management.

Alexander’s main teaching interest is also in the area of global marketing management. In terms of supervision, you are welcome to make contact if you are ambitious and looking for a Thesis supervisor.

Primary research areas
  • Cross-cultural and international marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing theory and marketing strategy
  • Quantitative Modelling
  • Service Research
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
Administrative tasks

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Global marketing management
Consumer psychology
Understanding consumer across cultures


Supervises broadly in topics in marketing and tourism, with a focus on academic quality and practical impact. Contact me if you are ambitious and looking for a supervisor.

Other teaching activities

Selected publications

Assaf, A. G., Josiassen, A., Woo, L., Agbola, F. W., & Tsionas, M. (2017), “Destination characteristics that drive hotel performance: A state-of-the-art global analysis,” Tourism Management.

Kock, F., Josiassen, A., & Assaf, A. G. (2016), “Advancing destination image: The destination content model,” Annals of Tourism Research.

Josiassen, Alexander, Albert Assaf, Linda Woo, and Florian Kock (2016), “The Imagery-Image Model: Revisiting Destination Image,” Journal of Travel Research.

Assaf, Albert, and Alexander Josiassen (2016), “Frontier Analysis: A State of the Art Review and Meta-Analysis,” Journal of Travel Research.

Assaf, Albert, Josiassen, Alexander, and Frank Agbola (2015), “Attracting International Hotels: Locational Factors that Matter Most,” Tourism Management.

Josiassen, Alexander, and A. George Assaf (2013), “Look at Me - I am Flying: The Influence of Social Visibility of Consumption on Tourism Decisions,” Annals of Tourism Research.

Assaf, A. George, Alexander Josiassen, Brian Ratchford, and Carlos Pestana (2012), “Internationalization in Retailing: A Dynamic Bayesian Model,” Journal of Retailing.

Assaf, George A and Alexander Josiassen (2012), “Identifying and Ranking the Determinants of Tourism Performance: A Global Investigation,” Journal of Travel Research.

Josiassen, Alexander (2011), “Consumer Disidentification and Its Effects on Domestic Product Purchases: An Empirical Test in the Netherlands,” Journal of Marketing.

Josiassen, Alexander, A. George Assaf, and Ingo Karpen (2011), “Consumer Ethnocentrism and Willingness to Buy: Analyzing the Role of Three Demographic Consumer Characteristics,” International Marketing Review.

Publications sorted by:
Linda Woo; A. George Assaf; Alexander Josiassen; Florian Kock / Internationalization and Hotel Performance : Agglomeration-related Moderators.
In: International Journal of Hospitality Management, Vol. 82, 9.2019, p. 48-58
Journal article > peer review
Florian Kock; Alexander Josiassen; A. George Assaf / The Xenophobic Tourist
In: Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 74, 2019, p. 155-166
Journal article > peer review
Florian Kock; Alexander Josiassen; A. George Assaf; Ingo Karpen; Francis Farrelly / Tourism Ethnocentrism and its Effects on Tourist and Resident Behavior
In: Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 58, No. 3, 2019, p. 427-439
Journal article > peer review
Florian Kock; Alexander Josiassen; A. George Assaf / Toward a Universal Account of Country-induced Predispositions : Integrative Framework and Measurement of Country-of-origin Images and Country Emotions.
In: Journal of International Marketing, 3.7.2019
Journal article > peer review
Anne-Marie Hede; Maree A. Thyne; Alexander Josiassen; Romana Garma / Comparing Event Attendees and Their Telecast Audiences : A Case Study of a Commemorative Event.
In: Event Management, Vol. 22, No. 4, 2018, p. 555–569
Journal article > peer review
Astrid W. Nørfelt; Florian Kock; Alexander Josiassen / Conceptualization and Empirical Validation of Tourist Xenophilia
In: Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC) 2018: Connect. Engage. Transform. . ed. /Jodie Conduit; Carolin Plewa; Dean Wilkie. Adelaide : University of Adelaide 2018, p. 185
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
Florian Kock; Alexander Josiassen; A. George Assaf / On the Origin of Tourist Behavior
In: Annals of Tourism Research, Vol. 73, 11.2018, p. 180-183
Journal article > peer review
Florian Kock; Alexander Josiassen; A. George Assaf / Scale Development in Tourism Research : Advocating for a New Paradigm.
In: Journal of Travel Research, 29.9.2018
Andreas Wieland; Florian Kock; Alexander Josiassen / Scale Purification : State-of-the-art Review and Guidelines.
In: International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 30, No. 11, 2018, p. 3346-3362
Journal article > peer review
Florian Kock; Sebastian Zenker; Alexander Josiassen; Astrid Nørfelt; Ricky Wilke / The Tourism Dilemma : Examining Conflicts between Tourists and Residents.
In: 2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo Proceedings. ed. /Jeonghye Choi. Seoul : Global Alliance of Marketing & Management Associations 2018, p. 635-636 (Global Marketing Conference Proceedings)
Conference abstract in proceedings > peer review
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