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Room: DH.Ø.2.59
E-mail: mj.msc@cbs.dk
Meike Janssen

My research focuses on consumer behaviour in the field of sustainable consumption, in particular on consumers’ decision-making processes related to sustainable products and the drivers of and barriers to sustainable product choices. I am interested in marketing instruments and policy interventions for fostering sustainable consumption, e.g. product labelling, third-party certification, consumer-oriented information, and price as a quality cue. I have done extensive research on food-related topics, especially on organic food, local food, vegan food, food with higher animal welfare standards, and sustainable food packaging.

Before coming to CBS, I was working at the Department of Agricultural and Food Marketing at the University of Kassel, Germany. I have a background in consumer behaviour, marketing, business administration, and policy studies.

Primary research areas
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Marketing for sustainable products
  • Consumer policy
  • Behavioural economics
Social media
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  • Marketing - The Essentials and the Trend Drivers, Bachelor, Elective
  • Culture & Cultural Economy, BSc European Business, 1st semester
  • Introduction to Statistics, Bachelor
Selected publications

Janssen, M. (2018). Determinants of organic food purchases: Evidence from household panel data. Food Quality and Preference 68:19-28.

Janssen, M., Busch, C., Rödiger, M. and Hamm, U. (2016). Motives of consumers following a vegan diet and their attitudes towards animal agriculture. Appetite 105:643-651.

Janssen, M., Rödiger, M. and Hamm, U. (2016). Labels for animal husbandry systems meet consumer preferences: Results from a meta-analysis of consumer studies. Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Ethics 29:1071-1100.

Janssen, M. and Hamm, U. (2014). Governmental and private certification labels for organic food: Consumer attitudes and preferences in Germany. Food Policy 49(2):437-448.

Janssen, M. and Hamm, U. (2012). Product labelling in the market for organic food: Consumer preferences and willingness-to-pay for different organic certification logos. Food Quality and Preference 25(1):9-22.

Publications List
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Meike Ketelsen ; Meike Janssen; Ulrich Hamm / Consumers’ Response to Environmentally-friendly Food Packaging : A Systematic Review.
In: Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 254, 5.2020
Review > peer review
Meike Janssen; Isabel Schäufele; Katrin Zander / Target Groups for Organic Wine : The Importance of Segmentation Analysis.
In: Food Quality and Preference, Vol. 79, 1.2020
Journal article > peer review
Manika Rödiger; Enrique Garcia Moreno-Esteva; Meike Janssen; Ulrich Hamm / A Sequence Analysis of Organic and Conventional Food Consumers’ Visual Information Acquisition
In: Future of food: journal on food, agriculture and society., Vol. 7, No. 2/3, 2019
Journal article > peer review
Johann Steinhauser; Meike Janssen; Ulrich Hamm / Consumers’ Purchase Decisions for Products with Nutrition and Health Claims : What Role Do Product Category and Gaze Duration on Claims Play?.
In: Appetite, Vol. 141, 1.10.2019
Journal article > peer review
Antje Risius; Ulrich Hamm; Meike Janssen / Target Groups for Fish from Aquaculture : Consumer Segmentation Based on Sustainability Attributes and Country of Origin.
In: Aquaculture, Vol. 499, 2019, p. 341-347
Journal article > peer review
Johann Steinhauser; Meike Janssen; Ulrich Hamm / Who Buys Products with Nutrition and Health Claims? : A Purchase Simulation with Eye Tracking on the Influence of Consumers' Nutrition Knowledge and Health Motivation.
In: Nutrients, Vol. 11, No. 9, 12.9.2019
Journal article > peer review
Meike Janssen / Determinants of Organic Food Purchases : Evidence from Household Panel Data.
In: Food Quality and Preference, Vol. 68, 2018, p. 19-28
Journal article > peer review
Katrin Zander; Antje Risius; Yvonne Feucht; Meike Janssen; Ulrich Hamm / Sustainable Aquaculture Products : Implications of Consumer Awareness and of Consumer Preferences for Promising Market Communication in Germany.
In: Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology, Vol. 27, No. 1, 2018, p. 5-20
Journal article > peer review
Antje Risius; Meike Janssen; Ulrich Hamm / Consumer Preferences for Sustainable Aquaculture Products : Evidence from In-depth Interviews, Think Aloud Protocols and Choice Experiments.
In: Appetite, Vol. 113, 2017, p. 246-254
Journal article > peer review
Marielle Gerke; Meike Janssen / Vegan Foods : Labelling Practice.
In: Ernährungs Umschau, Vol. 64, No. 3, 2017, p. 51-57
Journal article > peer review
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