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Paul du

Room: KIL/14.A-4.58
E-mail: pdg.ioa@cbs.dk
Curriculum Vitae
Primary research areas


  • The History and Contemporary Relevance of 'Classic' Organization Theory
  • Bureaucracy and Public Service Ethics
  • History and Contemporary Practices  of 'Office' Holding, their relationship to State Service, and casuistical reasoning
  • Identity and Personhood and their organizational constitution
  • Public Administration as an institution of government
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I came to CBS in late 2008 as a Globaliseringsprofessor at IOA. Prior to that I was Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Warwick Business School, and Professor of Sociology and Organization Studies at the Open University, UK. My research interests have been and continue to be located on the cusp of sociology, politics, history and cultural studies, with a key focus on questions of organization and identity. Currently, my two main research foci concern 1) reviving Organization Theory (OT) as 'a practical science of Organizing', via an engagement with OT's own past 2) reviving notions of 'Office', 'Ethos', 'Persona' and practices of casuistical reasoning in the context of public administration and state service more generally. Theese two concerns are, to my mind, intimately linked.

At CBS, I am Co-Director of the School's Buisness in Society 'Public-Private Platform',
Director of the collective Velux Research Programme 'What Makes Organization?', and a member of the School wide appointments and promotion committee (CWAC). I am currently involved in co-supervsing the work of nine Ph.D students.


I teach on the CBS MPA and MPG, and on five Ph.D courses in te areas of Public Governance; Public Managment and Administration; Organizational Analysis; Work, Organization, and Identity; and the History of Theory. I also guest lecture on a number of teaching programmes troughout the School


I am currently involved in co-supervising nine doctoral students. Their areas of interest are quite diverse, ranging from organizational changes in healthcare systems,  to questions of scientififc social responsibility, the constitution of  global professional networks, and the creation of markets for windpower. They all involve detailed empirical field studies, and are united by a set of related conceptual concerns, linking contemporary pragmatist analytics with organization studies, broadly defined.

Other teaching activities

I am involved in organizing a Denmark wide Public sector Reading Group for Ph.D Fellows, hosted by CBS's Public-Private Platform, and also host a workshop on Publishing Internationally for early career researchers and Ph.D Fellows. I also organize a Public Lecture Series on the theme of 'Organizing Uncertainty', whose aim is to bring to the School internationall renowmed scholars in the human and social sceinces whose work has had a profound impact on contemporary studies of organizaing. Speakers in the series have included Marilyn Strathern, Bruno Latour, David Stark, Karin Knorr, Mike Power, Donald Mackenzie, and Charles Perrow.

Selected publications


du Gay, P. & Morgan, G. (eds.) 2013 New Spirits of Capitalism? Crises, Justifications & Dynamics Oxford: Oxford University  Press

du Gay, P., Hall, S., Janesd, L., Koed Madsen, A., MacKey, H. & Negus, K. 2013 Doing Cultural Studies: the story of the Sony Walkman (2nd edition) London: Sage

du Gay, P. & S. Vikkelsø, S (2013). Exploitation, exploration, and exaltation: notes on a metaphysical (re)turn to 'one best way of organising. Research in the Sociology of  Organizations, vol.37.No.1.

du Gay, P., Millo, Y.& Tuck P. (2013). Making government liquid: shifts in governance using financialisation as a political device. Environment & Planning C: Government and Policy

du Gay, P. (2012) 'Leviathan Calling: some notes on sociological anti-statism and its consequences', Journal of Sociology, 48.4

Publications & dissemination
Haldor Byrkjeflot; Paul du Gay; Carsten Greve / What is the ‘Neo-Weberian State’ as a Regime of Public Administration?
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Book chapter
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In: The Sociology of Speed: Digital, Organizational, and Social Temporalities. . ed. /Judy Wajcman; Nigel Dodd. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2017, p. 86-101
Book chapter
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Journal article
Paul du Gay; Signe Vikkelsø / For Formal Organization : The Past in the Present and Future of Organization Theory.
Oxford : Oxford University Press 2016, 224 p.
Paul du Gay; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / Reclaiming Formal Organization
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Book chapter
Paul du Gay / Is Office a Vocation in 'Post-Bureaucratic' Public Management?
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Book chapter
Paul du Gay / Organization (Theory) as a Way of Life
In: Journal of Cultural Economy, Vol. 8, No. 4, 2015, p. 399-417
Journal article
Peter Kjær; Paul du Gay / Bureaukratiet
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Book chapter
Paul du Gay; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / Fear of the Formal : On Organizational and State Phobia.
Abstract from The Second Workshop on the Analysis of Bureaucracy in Society, 2014
Conference abstract for conference
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