Do you know sexism? New podcast series tackles sexism at universities

The authors of the book 'Sexism in Danish Higher Education and Research' have launched a new podcast series that puts renewed focus on the problem of sexist behaviour at Danish universities.


This new podcast series highlights knowledge about sexism to contribute to the fight against sexism and sexual harassment in the university world. The new "Do You Know Sexism?" podcasts invites researchers and other leading sexism experts to a discussion and knowledge exchange to boost efforts to prevent sexism and sexual harassment in the workplace - for university employees and others.


The background for the new podcast series is the initiative that a group of female university employees took back in 2020. In eight days, they collected more than 750 testimonies and signatures from university employees of all genders.

"Back then, we documented that sexism and sexual harassment is a problem at universities. This led to university presidents recognising the problem. At the same time, they, like everyone else, were in doubt about how best to tackle the problem, so we also prepared a research-based handbook," says Professor of Diversity and Leadership at CBS Sara Louise Muhr, one of the six researchers behind the podcast series.

This resulted in the book 'Sexism in Danish Higher Education and Research', which maps the nature of sexism at universities and provides research-based suggestions on how cases of sexism can be managed and prevented.

Insights and knowledge

"Sexism and sexual harassment still exist at universities.  Universities are unfortunately still a patriarchal structure that prioritizes men's careers and salaries, while the research areas where female students and staff are the most numerous are consistently underfunded. That is why this podcast is important. As long as the problem remains unresolved, women's working conditions in academia will be inferior to men's. This is of course unacceptable, both for Denmark, for the universities and for the employees," says Associate Professor of Gender and Working Life at RUC Jo Krøjer.

The podcast provides insight and knowledge about sexism. Insight into the reasons why sexism can thrive in academic organisations and knowledge about how sexism affects the individual and the workplace as a whole. As a listener, you will also learn what leaders can do to prevent sexism and deal with it when it happens.

"Often sexual harassment happens in ways that suggest individual accountability and handling. But sexism cases are complex, so managers and other actors are often paralyzed and unable to respond appropriately," explains Eva Sophia Myers, head of SDU's Gender Equality Team and co-initiator of the podcast.

More about the podcasts

In total, the podcast series 'Do you know Sexism? will have seven episodes. The first five episodes were published on the 21st of June with the other two episodes released soon after and the series is financially supported by RUC, SDU, CBS, AU and UCPH.

Most of the episodes are in English to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Listen to the podcasts here

An overview of all seven podcast episodes:

Why this podcast is important – introduction.

Lektor i ledelse og organisation Mie Plotnikof, AU

Professor i diversitet og ledelse Sara Louise Muhr, CBS



The Pedagogics and Method of Vignettes as a Tool to Counteract Sexism

Associated professor, PhD at the department of business humanities and law, Ana Maria Munar




Sexism and the leaky pipeline

Lektor i køn og arbejdsliv Jo Krøjer, RUC

Formand for Dansk Magisterforening Camilla Gregersen



Bias and Everyday Sexism

Professor i diversitet og ledelse, Sara Louise Muhr, CBS

HR-director i Kemp & Lauritzen Thomas Thorsøe



Engaging with the elephant in the room – Sexism seen in an organizational perspective

Leder af ’Gender Equality Team’ Eva Sophia Myers, SDU

Professor emeritus i kønsstudier Liisa Husu, Örebro University



Listening to the victims’ voices

Koordinator af ’Gendering in Research Network’ Lea Skewes, AU

Professor emerita i politologisk kønsforskning Anette Borchorst, AAU



A human rights approach

Professor i diversitet og ledelse, Sara Louise Muhr, CBS

Chef i Ligebehandlingsafdelingen på Institut for Menneskerettigheder, Bjarke Oxholm







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