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Lars Thøger

Room: DH.V.2.83

I study how organizations make sense of themselves and their surroundings through communicative practices. Theoretically, I draw on sociology, semiotics, history, organization, economy, and the philosophy of language to understand current social ideals and phenomena and their organizational manifestations.


Introducing Lars Thøger Christensen:

Primary research areas
  • Dialogue
  • Participation
  • Voice
  • Polyphony
  • Hypocrisy
  • Talk-action dynamics
  • Identity
  • Autocommunication
  • Transparency.
Curriculum Vitae
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  • Organizational Communication (Bachelor level)
  • Strategy and Communication (Master level)
  • Perspectives on Communication, Organization, and Culture (Ph.D)
  • Strategic Communication (Executive, Master of Business Development)

I supervise theses and papers at all academic levels.

Selected publications

Christensen, L.T., Morsing, M., & Thyssen, O. (2020). Talk-Action Dynamics. Modalities of Aspirational Talk. Organization Studies

Christensen, L.T., Kärreman, D. & Rasche, A. (2019). Bullshit and Organization Studies. Organization Studies

Christensen, L.T., Morsing, M., & Thyssen, O. (2017). License to Critique: A Communication Perspective on Sustainability Standards. Business Ethics Quarterly, 27(2): 239-262.

Christensen, L.T. & G. Cheney (2015). Peering into transparency: Challenging ideals, proxies and organizational practices. Communication Theory, 25: 70-90.

Christensen, L.T., Morsing, M. & Thyssen, O. (2013). CSR as Aspirational Talk. Organization 20 (3), 372-393.

Publications List
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Lars Thøger Christensen; Visa Penttilä; Neva Štumberger / The Communicative Constitution of Corporate Social Responsibility
In: The Routledge Handbook of the Communicative Constitution of Organization . ed. /Joëlle Basque; Nicolas Bencherki; Timothy Kuhn. New York : Routledge 2022, p. 254-367 (Routledge Studies in Communication, Organization and Organizing)
Book chapter > peer review
Emma Christensen; Lars Thøger Christensen / The Interpellated Voice : The Social Discipline of Member Communication.
In: Management Communication Quarterly, 11.2.2022
Journal article > peer review
Lars Thøger Christensen; Mette Morsing; Ole Thyssen / Talk-action Dynamics : Modalities of Aspirational Talk.
In: Organization Studies, Vol. 42, No. 3, 3.2021, p. 407-427
Journal article > peer review
Emma Christensen; Lars Thøger Christensen / The Interpellated Voice : The Social Discipline of Member Communication.
Paper presented at 36th EGOS Colloquium 2020, 2020
Paper > peer review
Lars Thøger Christensen; Mette Morsing; Ole Thyssen / Timely Hypocrisy? : Hypocrisy Temporalities in CSR Communication.
In: Journal of Business Research, Vol. 114, 6.2020, p. 327-335
Journal article > peer review
Lars Thøger Christensen; Dan Kärreman; Andreas Rasche / Bullshit and Organization Studies
In: Organization Studies, Vol. 40, No. 10, 2019, p. 1587-1600
Journal article > peer review
Emma Christensen; Lars Thøger Christensen / Dialogics of Strategic Communication : Embracing Conflicting Logics in an Emerging Field.
In: Corporate Communications, Vol. 23, No. 3, 2018, p. 438-455
Journal article > peer review
Lars Thøger Christensen; Mette Morsing; Ole Thyssen / The Performative Potential of Organizational Hypocrisy : Considering the Role of Communication and Time.
Paper presented at Paper Development Workshop, 2018
Mette Morsing; Lars Thøger Christensen; Ole Thyssen / Between Smoke and Crystal : CSR Communication in Hypermodern Yimes.
Paper presented at International Public Relations Research Symposium (BledCom), 2017
Paper > peer review
Lars Thøger Christensen; Joep Cornelissen / Construindo pontes entre a Comunicação Organizacional e a Comunicação Corporativa : Revisão, Desenvolvimento e Olhares para o Futuro.
In: Mediapolis, Vol. 4, 2017, p. 39-69
Journal article > peer review
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In addition to my scholarly activities and credentials, I have more than 20 years of experience in providing lectures, courses, counseling and consultancy to private and public sector organizations within the areas of organizational and strategic communication.