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Chair of Sustainability Governance

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I bring a political science background to the study of corporations. Indeed I first encountered CSR in the UK in the early 1980s in the midst of a research project on public policy responses to mass unemployment! I have subsequently been interested in understanding the ways in which business contributes to the way we are governed. This interest includes conceptual, evaluative, organizational and comparative questions.


Introducing Jeremy Moon:

Primary research areas
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Corporations and governance
  • Business and politics
Administrative tasks

Director of CBS Sustainability

Curriculum Vitae
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  • BA Scandinavian Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (LA) (BBLCV1162U.LA)
  • MSc Corporate Citizenship: Political Responsibility in Theory and Practice (LA) (CCMVV5033U.LA)
  • MSc Organizations and Society (LA) (CSOLO1019U.LA)
  • PhD Theoretical Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (LA) (PPHDU1052U.LA_F19)

I would be pleased to supervise students interested in:

  • the governance of corporate sustainability and responsibility
  • the contributions of corporate sustainability and responsibility to societal governance
  • political roles of business
Other teaching activities
  • MSc Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility Beyond Borders (LA) (CCBLO2012U.LA)
  • Guest lectures
Selected publications

D Matten & J Moon (2020 forthcoming) ’Reflections on the 2018 Decade Award: The Meaning and Dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility’ Academy of Management Review

R Slager, S Pouryousefi, J Moon and E Schoolman (forthcoming) ‘Fit for purpose: the role of sustainability centres in promoting sustainable business education’ Journal of Business Ethics

A Kourula, J Moon, M-L Salles-Djelic & C Wickert eds (2019) ‘New Roles of Governments in the Governance of Business Conduct: Implications for Management and Organizational Research’ Organization Studies

G Gutierrez Huerter O’, J Moon, S Gold and W Chapple (2019) ‘Micro-processes of translation in the transfer of practices from MNE headquarters to foreign subsidiaries: the role of subsidiary translators’ Journal of International Business Studies

JS Knudsen; J Moon (2019) 'Visible Hands: Government Regulation and International Business Responsibility' Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 266 p. (Business, Value Creation, and Society)

JS Knudsen, J Moon and R Slager (2015) ‘Government Policies for Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe: Institutionalisation and Structured Convergence?’ Policy and Politics

A Rasche, F De Bakker and J Moon (2013) ‘Complete and Partial Organizing for Corporate Social Responsibility’ Journal of Business Ethics 115 (4)

R Slager, J-P Gond and J Moon (2012) ‘Standardization as Institutional Work: The Regulative Power of a Responsible Investment Standard’ Organization Studies May-June 33: 763-790

J-P Gond, N Kang and J Moon (2011) ‘The government of self-regulation: on the comparative dynamics of corporate social responsibility’ Economy and Society 40 4 640 – 671

D Matten and J Moon (2008) ‘”Implicit” and “Explicit” CSR: A conceptual framework for a comparative understanding of corporate social responsibility’ Academy of Management Review 33 404 – 424

In 2018, Jeremy Moon and Dirk Matten received the Academy of Management Review ’Paper of the Decade Award’ for the article ‘”Implicit” and “Explicit” CSR: A conceptual framework for a comparative understanding of corporate social responsibility. Read more.

Publications List
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Erin Leitheiser; Syeda Nusaiba Hossain; Shuvro Sen; Gulfam Tasnim; Jeremy Moon; Jette Steen Knudsen; Shahidur Rahman / Early Impacts of Coronavirus on Bangladesh Apparel Supply Chains
Frederiksberg : The Regulation of International Supply Chains (RISC) 2020, 24 p. (RISC Briefing, No. April)
Gabriela Gutierrez Huerter O; Jeremy Moon; Stefan Gold; Wendy Chapple / Micro-processes of Translation in the Transfer of Practices from MNE Headquarters to Foreign Subsidiaries : The Role of Subsidiary Translators.
In: Journal of International Business Studies, Vol. 51, No. 3, 4.2020, p. 389-413
Journal article > peer review
Dirk Matten; Jeremy Moon / Reflections on the 2018 Decade Award : The Meaning and Dynamics of Corporate Social Responsibility.
In: Academy of Management Review, Vol. 45, No. 1, 1.2020, p. 7-28
Journal article > peer review
Rieneke Slager; Sareh Pouryousefi; Jeremy Moon; Ethan D. Schoolman / Sustainability Centres and Fit : How Centres Work to Integrate Sustainability Within Business Schools.
In: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 161, No. 2, 1.2020, p. 375–391
Journal article > peer review
Jeremy Moon; Steen Vallentin / Tax Avoidance and Corporate Irresponsibility : CSR as Problem or Solution.
In: FIRE Journal: UCPH Fiscal Relations Law Journal, No. 2, 2020
Journal article > peer review
Andreas Rasche; Wencke Gwozdz; Mathias Lund Larsen; Jeremy Moon / Which Firms Leave Multi‐stakeholder Initiatives? : An Analysis of Delistings from the United Nations Global Compact.
In: Regulation & Governance, 25.5.2020
Journal article > peer review
Kate Grosser; Jeremy Moon / CSR and Feminist Organization Studies : Towards an Integrated Theorization for the Analysis of Gender Issues.
In: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 155, No. 2, 3.2019, p. 321–342
Journal article > peer review
Jette Steen Knudsen; Jeremy Moon / International CSR and the Role of Government : “Direct” and “Indirect” Policies.
Paper presented at The Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019, 2019
Paper > peer review
Arno Kourula; Jeremy Moon; Marie Laure Salles-Djelic; Christopher Wickert / New Roles of Government in the Governance of Business Conduct : Implications for Management and Organizational Research.
In: Organization Studies, Vol. 40, No. 8, 8.2019, p. 1101-1123
Review > peer review
Jeremy Moon; Steen Vallentin / Tax Avoidance and Corporate Irresponsibility : CSR as Problem or Solution?.
In: Fair Taxation and Corporate Social Responsibility. ed. /Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard; Rasmus Kristian Feldthusen; Axel Hilling; Matti Kukkonen. København : Ex Tuto Publishing 2019, p. 19-51
Book chapter > peer review
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