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I specialize in the broad field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the global South (with a regional focus on South Asia). In particular, I am interested in how the organization of transnational industries and local industrial clusters affect the economic, social, and environmental upgrading/downgrading of firms, workers, and environment.  

With post-graduate degrees in business and development studies (from CBS, Denmark), environment and development (University of Cambridge, UK) and peace and development studies (Universitat Jaume I, Spain) I use an interdisciplinary approach that takes its point of departure in critical development studies. Thus, I seek to advance theorizing and empirical studies on economic, social, and environmental upgrading/downgrading by combining insights from literatures related to global production networks/global value chains, feminist political economy, political ecology, and the labor process. These theoretical perspectives are linked to my interest in critical realism as a philosophy of science approach.   

I believe that the uniqueness of place, history, and in-depth knowledge of particular industries through longitudinal studies are critical to understanding economic, social, and environmental upgrading/downgrading processes in the global South. In the last twenty years, I have therefore undertaken several in-depth studies on the football manufacturing, leather tanning, garment, textile, and bamboo industries in South Asia.  This includes ongoing work on the formulation, implementation, and the impacts of the multi-stakeholder initiative, the Better Cotton Initiative, in India and Pakistan with support from Danish Social Science Research Council. At present, I am also involved in an in-depth study of women’s entrepreneurship and the labor process in the bamboo value chains of India in the states of Assam, Odisha, Meghalaya, and Madhya Pradesh with support from the EU Switch Asia program. From 2021-2025 I am the lead investigator in a research project, Global Value Chains and Climate Change in Bangladesh, supported by Danida. I have previously served as Co-Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editor of the journal, Competition and Change (Sage Publications). 

In addition, I am deeply committed to interaction with practitioners, academics, and students with the aim of increasing awareness of the diversity of perspectives that exist on CSR/sustainability including buyer, supplier, and worker perspectives on these topics. Improving theorizing, policy, and practice in these areas require increased North-South dialogue so that we may obtain a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.    

My work has appeared in journals such as Journal of Economic Geography, Environment and Planning A, Business & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Development and Change, Global Networks, and Ecological Economics. Recently, I published a monograph titled Rethinking CSR in Global Value Chains in the Age of COVID-19 (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2022), and I have recently signed a book contract with Cambridge University Press and delivered a manuscript on sustainable value chains (w. Rachel Alexander as the lead author) for publication in late 2022/early 2023.

Primary research areas
  • CSER in Developing Countries
  • Industrial Upgrading & MSMEs
  • Ethical and Fair Trade
  • Global Value Chains and Clusters
  • Industry focus: football, garments, textiles, and leather.
Administrative tasks

I represent the Copenhagen Business School in two fora:

The Danish Ethical Trading Initiative (DIEH). DIEH is multi-stakeholder initiative involving Danish brands, NGOs, government organizations, and other stakeholders that work towards promoting ethical and sustainable trade.

The Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) group on ‘Geography and Development’. The BFI system of the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science is an element of the performance-based model for distribution of the block grant to Danish Universities based on research based publication.

Social media
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Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: A Path to Sustainable Development? (Business and Development Studies Master Core Course)

What is Behind the Label? CSR and Sustainability Standards in Developing Countries.


Supervision of PhD, master-level and bachelor students in the broad fields of CSR and sustainability in developing country contexts.

Other teaching activities

Developing a working paper/teaching resource on sustainable value chain entrepreneurship with support from the Danish Entrepreneurship Foundation.

Selected publications

Peter Lund-Thomsen; Michael W. Hansen; Adam Lindgreen / Business and Development Studies – Issues and Perspectives, Routledge, London. 2019 (In Press)

Lone Riisgaard; Peter Lund-Thomsen; Neil Coe, Multistakeholder initiatives in global production networks: naturalizing specific understandings of sustainability through the Better Cotton Initiative, Global Networks, 2019, Online first

Peter Lund-Thomsen; Adam Lindgreen / Is there a Sweet Spot in Ethical Trade? : A Critical Appraisal of the Potential for Aligning Buyer, Supplier, and Worker Interests in Global Production Networks.
In: Geoforum, Vol. 90, 3.2018, p. 84-90

Peter Lund-Thomsen; Adam Lindgreen; Joelle Vanhamme / Industrial Clusters and Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Countries : What We Know, What We Do Not Know, and What We Need to Know .
In: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 133, No. 1, 2016, p. 9-24

Peter Lund-Thomsen; Adam Lindgreen / Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Value Chains : Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?.
In: Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 123, No. 1, 2014, p. 11-22

Publications sorted by:
Aysha Siddika; Anita Hammer; Peter Lund-Thomsen; Marie Vahl / "Our Backs Are Against the Wall" : The Story of a Bangladeshi Woman Garment Worker in the COVID-19 'New Normal'.
In: Work, Employment and Society, 28.4.2024
Journal article > peer review
Peter Lund-Thomsen / Garment Producer Nations as Ethical Sourcing Destinations : A Review of Kanchana N. Ruwanpura's Garments without Guilt?.
In: Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, Vol. 44, No. 2, 2023, p. 360-362
Book review > peer review
Rachel Alexander; Peter Lund-Thomsen / Sustainable Value Chains in the Global Garment Industry
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press 2023, 75 p. (Elements in Business Strategy)
Book > peer review
Shakil Ghori; Peter Lund-Thomsen; Caleb Gallemore; Sukhpal Singh; Lone Riisgaard / Compliance and Cooperation in Global Value Chains : The Effects of the Better Cotton Initiative in Pakistan and India.
In: Ecological Economics, Vol. 193, 3.2022
Journal article > peer review
Peter Lund-Thomsen / Rethinking Global Value Chains and Corporate Social Responsibility
Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2022, 124 p. (Rethinking Business and Management)
Book > peer review
Peter Lund-Thomsen; Lone Riisgaard; Sukhpal Singh; Shakil Ghori; Neil M. Coe / Global Value Chains and Intermediaries in Multi‐stakeholder Initiatives in Pakistan and India
In: Development and Change, Vol. 52, No. 3, 5.2021, p. 504-532
Journal article > peer review
Jinsun Bae; Peter Lund-Thomsen; Adam Lindgreen / Global Value Chains and Supplier Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility : A Case Study of Garment Manufacturers in Myanmar.
In: Global Networks, Vol. 21, No. 4, 10.2021, p. 653-680
Journal article > peer review
Peter Lund-Thomsen / Rethinking CSR in Global Value Chains
In: Baltic Rim Economies, No. 3, 6.2021, p. 14
Journal article
Peter Lund-Thomsen / Stephanie Barrientos, Gender and Work in Global Value Chains – Capturing the Gains?
In: Competition & Change, Vol. 25, No. 1, 1.2021, p. 127-130
Book review > peer review
Rachel Alexander; Peter Lund-Thomsen / Sustainable Value Chain Entrepreneurship : A Guidebook.
Frederiksberg : Centre for Business and Development Studies 2021, 118 p.
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April-May 2018

Consultancy Report – Final Evaluation of the Project

Foundation for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises New Delhi

2019 – 2022

Research – Study of Women’s Entrepreneurship  in the Bamboo Value Chains of India (States of Assam, Meghalya, Madya Pradesh and Odisha)