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Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses depends on strong and close partnerships. Below you can read more about the closest projects of the centre and correlation partners

Project partners
A wide array of project partners have made the Growth through Business Transfer in Danish Owner-Managed Businesses research project possible.

It is especially worth mentioning The Danish Industry Foundation who has originated and funded the project. The Danish Industry Foundation strives to develop "pragmatic and useable knowledge and activity that positively influence Danish competitiveness". A goal and motivation that COMB can highly agree on and will do its very best to contribute to.

The Auditor firms PwC and BDO plays an important role in the research project Growth through Business Transfer in Danish Owner-Managed Businesses. Since the auditor is more than often the Owner-Managers closest advisor, the opportunity to share, build and spread knowledge in close cooperation with two of the countries´ most reputed auditor firms is essential for the project.
Other related partners
The organisation of Danish Auditors FSR cooperates closely with Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses. FSR's in depth expertise in the financial and legislative aspects of business transitions make them an essential partner throughout the project.

The Confederation of Danish Industry and The Danish Chamber of Commerce represents thousands of Danish businesses, and work in collaboration with COMB on developing the terms for, and competitiveness of, Danish businesses.


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