Externally funded projects

As a modern business school, Copenhagen Business School seeks to attract research beneficial to both society and business. Below is a list of current and completed externally funded research projects, which Department of Accounting and Auditing are or have been involved in.

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AcronymTitleTypeStatusStartsort ascending
Foreign Visiting Professorship - Niels HermesPrivate (National)Running01-04-2024
Sustainable cost accounting and the built environmentPrivate (International)Running01-09-2023
Øget regelefterlevelsen blandt små og mellemstore danske selskaberPublic (National)Running01-06-2023
Behavioral Accounting: How Management Control Systems affect the likelihood of auditors speaking up in conflict between commercialism and professionalismPrivate (National)Running01-01-2023
PhD - Limited Diversity in Accounting Career TracksPrivate (National)Running01-09-2022
TIME MIRROR: Accounting for the Green TransitionPublic (National)Running01-01-2021
Enterprise Foundations in the Corona CrisisPrivate (National)Running01-10-2020
Forenet Kredit, BSA and CBS - Research collaborationPrivate (National)Running01-01-2020
Long-term Ownership and Value Creation in Enterprise FoundationsMultiple financing sourcesRunning01-01-2020
Ejerskab og ledelse i forburgerejede virksomhederPrivate (National)Finished01-09-2022
Otto Mønsted Fonden Visiting Professorships - Jette Steen KnudsenPrivate (National)Finished01-05-2022
Analysetemaer om demokratiske virksomhederPublic (National)Finished01-12-2021
SMV Due Diligence StandardPrivate (National)Finished01-07-2021
Employee perceptions of ownership in financial mutualsMultiple financing sourcesFinished01-02-2021
THE NORDIC CORPORATE GOVERNANCE DATABASEPrivate (International)Finished01-01-2021
iLEAD 2.0 - Management development in Danish start-up companiesPrivate (National)Finished21-09-2020
NFSGIINordic Finance and the Good Society IIMultiple financing sourcesFinished01-10-2019
Endowed Professorship 006: Professorship in Leadership in Corporate GovernancePrivate (National)Finished01-03-2018
CEO remuneration and say-on-payPublic (International)Finished01-12-2016