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On this page you can watch video footage from lectures and conferences on the topic of Owner-Managed Businesses.

CBS Business Connect conference: Leading Entrepreneurship
The CBS Business Connect event on Wednesday the 6th of September attracted an audience of CBS’ friends from business society; alumni, external lecturers, entrepreneurs, organisation representatives and business leaders that filled CBS’ largest auditorium.

The subject of the day's agenda was 'Leading entrepreneurship', striving to shed light on the subject from all relevant angles – political, research, organisational and practical.
The CBS Business Connect event turned out to be three information-packed hours with a 360-degree barrage of insights and observations about the need and prerequisites for entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in Denmark as well as the conditions influencing these.

Read more about the conference here

Watch three entrepreneurs give their views on leadership and entrepreneurship here
Conference: Owner-management - Plan for the future
Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses by CBS, INSEAD and the Danish Industry Foundation welcomed on Friday, April 15, 2016 to the conference "Owner-management - Plan for the future"

The conference put spotlight on Danish owner-managed businesses and especially on owner-strategy, active ownership and planning for future business development. The topics for the day included the new strategic tool "The Ownership Strategy Map" - a tool for planning the future ownership and leadership in companies - as well as the personal experience of ownership, and how an owner-manager can plan a future for the business, without him or her self. Moreover results from the forthcoming report "The owner-managers and the change of ownership" were presented. The day included presentations from both owner-managers and researchers, as well as panel discussions, consisting of owner-managers, advisors, researchers and a spouse.

Watch videos from the conference and download PowerPoint presentations here.
Conference: Owner-Managed Businesses - Now and for the future
At his conference held by Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses at CBS, Insead and The Danish Industry Foundation the most urgent challenges linked to business transfers were discussed.

Professor Morten Bennedsen, INSEAD, and Kasper Meisner Nielsen, Hong Kong University, presented the newest research on Danish owner-managed businesses, and advisers and owner-managers shared hands-on experience. Together they debated assets and roadblocks for the owner-managed businesses – now and in the future. Watch video from the conference below.

Conference: Family-Owned Businesses in Denmark
What is the role of family-owned businesses in Denmark? CEPOS, Insead and CBS investigates the theme at a conference held at the historical Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, March 2014. Leading experts and business practitioners agree on the major impact these form of businesses have on the Danish society. You can watch a footage from the conference in the video below.

Conference: Corporate Governance, Family Firms, and Economic Concentration
At this conference held at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2011 some of the worlds leading experts discuss the role of corporate governance, family firms, and economic concentration in the 21st century. In the video below you can, among others, watch the Danish Professor Morten Bennedsen talk on possibilities and roadblocks for family firms in the global economy.

Interview: Morten Bennedsen - How family business can plan for the long term
In this interview Professor Morten Bennedsen from Insead explains why many family business face challenges in regard to succession. He stresses the importance of long term planning and a flexible strategy for dealing with the obstacles and challenges that may arise:


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