Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses

The centre develops research and tools for long-term planning and development in owner-managed businesses

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Centre for Owner-Managed Businesses (COMB) was founded May 1, 2014 with a grant from The Danish Industry Foundation.

COMB offers research papers, long-term planning tools, executive education and training to strengthen the owner-managed businesses.

The research papers include research on ownership and management structures, owner clarification, economic effects of business transfers and case studies of business transfer models.

Development and communication of the long-term planning tools takes place in a collaboration between researchers and the industry. The aim is to develop applied research and tools.

The centre will facilitate development of executive educations and training on long-term planning and business transfer in owner-managed businesses. The education will be provided for owner-managers and their advisers.

COMB is based on a collaboration between international researchers in economics, finance, audit, management and psychology as well as the industry, particularly owner-managers and auditors.

Read the article on COMB's research project in The Financial Times: Research to offer a blueprint in succession for Denmark’s SMEs


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