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Get a close up of our researchers with the latest edition of CBS Research News. It’s vital for companies to renew themselves, but did you know that the art of innovation management is currently being disrupted? Historically, Denmark has avoided a battering from financial crises by saving up when times are good, which is why Professor Svend Erik Hougaard is concerned about the government’s plan to cut taxes. Also read about how an American think tank has designated Copenhagen as a role model for financially distressed port towns, and about how CBS has decoded a minor revolution in the Bank of England.

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American think tank holds up Copenhagen as a role model

A report from the American think tank The Brookings Institution and CBS holds op Copenhagen as a role model for how stagnant cities can beat crises and gain momentum. The aim is to benefit from the old industry and port areas and invest in infrastructure such as the metro.



The art of innovation leadership is (also) being disrupted

Today, the art of innovation is changing almost as fast as the global businesses that are being disrupted or fighting disruption. Companies have to change their approach to innovation leadership if they do not want to risk a very bumpy ride with unplanned destinations. Associate Professor Marion Poetz is researching innovation leadership, is advising multinational companies and policy makers and has the insight on how to stay up-to-date.


Nordic countries' propensity to save moderates financial crises

By saving up during growth years, the Nordic countries managed to avoid the worst economic consequences of the financial crisis - as opposed to countries like Portugal and Greece. Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen is co-author of a new article about the fiscal policy of the Nordic countries. He emphasises the importance of not letting boom years become a fiscal pillow and expresses concern about the Danish tax-reform proposed last week.

Nordic countries' propensity to save moderates financial crises


Management @ Academy of Management

While many of you were enjoying your summer vacation, researchers and PhD students at CBS were participating in the world’s largest management summit. Thousands of business researchers from across the globe met to share their thoughts and insights. Dean of Research Peter Møllgaard talks about his impressions from this year’s Academy of Management Annual Meeting and what all the hype is about.



CBS decodes minor revolution by Bank of England

How do you succeed in designing and implementing a new technology? That is the million-dollar question - or perhaps the trillion-dollar question. With special access to data, Associate Professor at CBS Cristiana Parisi was able to study a revolutionary technology made by the Bank of England. A technology which can be compared to how internet changed journalism. Her research may facilitate better business innovation in Denmark.



New names at CBS

CBS employs more than 650 researchers. Each year new people join our faculty or get new tasks. Meet Professor Nanna Mik-Meyer, Associate Professor Thomas Frandsen, Professor Juliana Hsuan and Professor Tom Kirchmaier.

nye navne


Fossil fuel investors risk burning their fingers

Climate change is a serious risk to investment in fossil fuels, but according to a research article written by CBS researchers Ken L. Bechmann and Mads Stenbo Nielsen, many investors fail to acknowledge this risk.

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