CBS Research News #4

Read about how Xmas lost its heart to business. Or was it the other way around? Also in this issue: Naive companies are giving away their data and future to internet giants and finally; new research shows that CSR pays off - at least for hotels. Get a close up of our researchers and their work with the latest edition of CBS Research News.

Naive companies hand away control to Google and Facebook

Data is developing into a resource on a par with gold, oil and money. This resource can be the difference between success or failure, between being independent or a subcontractor. Right now, according to research from CBS based on the digitisation of media houses, companies are naively in the process of giving away data and control to Google and Facebook.


When did the season of love become commercial?

Consumption typically goes up by 25 percent in the month of December and more shops stay open until very late the day before Christmas Eve. But when did the season of love, Christmas, become commercialised? Professor Bent Meier Sørensen, who has a background in theology and philosophy, addresses this question.


How to retain international talent in your business

Would you like to retain the international professionals in your business, then dive right into this article for useful insights. One crucial aspect involves an awareness of their identity as a cosmopolitan; they view themselves as world citizens and would like to be treated on an equal footing with the locals. Two researchers have closely analysed a large, well-function expat environment in Amsterdam.


New researchers at CBS

CBS employs more than 650 researchers. Each year new people join our faculty or get new tasks. Meet Christian De Cock, Caroline Witte, Abayomi Baiyere, Peter Feldhütter and Yanlei Zhang.


Hotels are making heaps of money on CSR in marketing

Committing to corporate social responsibility (CSR) pays off. New research based on data from the American hotel and catering industry shows that businesses with a CSR profile get more out of their advertising dollars than companies without one. Professor Alexander Josiassen, one of the researchers behind the study, believes that its results can easily be translated to conditions in Denmark.


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