Two CBS faculty win international teaching case award

Associate Professor Attila Marton, Department of Digitalization and External Lecturer Whitney Byrn, Department of Management, Society and Communication wins international teaching case award.



Teaching cases developed by CBS faculty are among the most used by teachers and students across the world. This week we congratulated Associate Professor Attila Marton, Department of Digitalization and External Lecturer Whitney Byrn, Department of Management, Society and Communication, who co-authored the award-winning teaching case in the Case Centre Free Case Category.

The Case Centre, an international case community of over 500 academic and corporate member organisations, celebrated the annual award winners for best international teaching cases and have visited CBS to present the awards to CBS case authors. The Case Centre hold and distribute the world’s largest and most diverse collection of management cases, articles, book chapters and teaching materials, including the collections of leading business schools across the globe. CBS has been a member since 2012, while the CBS Free Case Collection was started in 2016.

This year, the winner of the Free Case category was the LookOut: Visionary Entrepreneurship in a Digital World, a teaching case about a mobile phone app that connects blind people with a global pool of volunteers which, despite its popularity, was yet to find a fitting business model and generate revenue streams.

Anna Thomassen, Dean of Education at CBS, extended her congratulations to the case authors while she underlines the importance of case-based teaching and the multiple benefits it creates for students and teachers:

“I have firsthand experienced what can be achieved by using cases. I have seen how theories comes to live in classrooms and how students through solving cases get a deeper understanding for those theories. Teaching cases are a great way of bringing into classrooms very concrete instances of both societal challenges and their complexity as well as exercising and testing the skills and competencies needed to collaboratively solve them. Cases are therefore an important tool to support the development of those capabilities, and in the extension of this, the  implementation of CBS’s strategy.””

Most used cases

Every year, The Case Centre gives awards to authors who have managed to enrich business education with inspiring cases. The selection is based on which cases have sold best in 2023 in combination with how many programmes have integrated the case in their teaching activities. This year, CBS has won the category of Free Case. It is CBS’s fourth award in this category which contains 62 products developed by CBS faculty and which is supported by the PRME initiative as part of the CBS Green Office.

“Find the emotional core of the story being told and, with that, to connect with the students.”

This is the advice that the case authors would give regarding writing teaching cases. Apart from data and background information on a company, the teaching case and its success with the students are very much linked to telling a story in an engaging and captivating way.

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For more information, please contact:

Attila Marton, Department of Digitalization

Whitney Byrn, Department of Management, Society and Communication

Lavinia-Cristina Iosif-Lazar, CBS Green Office

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