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DRUID (Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics) has existed since 1995 and aims to promote innovation research at CBS, Aalborg University (AAU) and University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Currently, 60+ scholars at CBS, AAU and SDU are affiliated to DRUID.

The Director of DRUID is Mark Lorenzen who took over from Peter Maskell in 2014. DRUID has an executive committee with members from the participating universities, and a Scientific Advisory Committee chaired by Olav Sorenson, Yale School of Management, and 14 other international members (please see for the list of members).

DRUIDs main activity is its annual summer conference which alternates between CBS and an external location every year. For innovation scholars, this has become a go-to conference at a level comparable to the Academy of Management (AoM). Since 1995, 3000+ innovation scholars have visited CBS on summer conferences. In 2014, the conference had 360 participants (from EU, North America, South America, South Asia, China, South East Asia), 61 parallel paper sessions, and keynotes by Ernst Fehr, Marina Zhang, Ram Mudambi, Scott Stern, Daniele Archibugi, Toby Stuart, Rajshree Agarwal, Joachim Henkel, Mike Meurer, Stuart Graham and Jay Kesan. The conference also featured outreach activities to the Danish food and life science cluster in collaboration with companies like NOMA, Nordic Food Lab, Axelborg, Tivoli, Bybi, Konvers, Mad & Medier, ao.

For PhD students, DRUID organizes an annual separate DRUID Academy conference in January combining training with conference-style student paper presentations. There is no other international PhD training conference comparable to the DRUID Academy. In 2014, the Academy conference had 75 participants (from EU, North America, Asia) and 24 parallel sessions.

DRUID collaborates with the doctoral consortium CCC (Consortium for Cooperation and Competition), consisting of Berkeley, Carnegie-Mellon, Columbia, Harvard, MIT, Michigan, NYU, Stanford, Northwester, Wharton, and Duke.

DRUID co-hosts the journal Industry and Innovation, an open access library of HD videos with keynotes from DRUID conferences, and an open access working paper series with 100,000+ downloads. DRUID hands out three international awards each year, the DRUID Best Paper Award, The DRUID Steven Klepper Best Paper Award for Young Scholars, and the Bent Dalum Best Paper Award for Young Scholars.

The DRUID brand is very strong internationally. The well-organized and interesting conferences expose both seniors (PhD supervisors) and juniors to the physical and intellectual environment at CBS and help spread the word that CBS might be at good place to visit or work. 

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