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Liana’s research focuses on how novel digital technologies impact the management of knowledge work and collaborative learning environments. Her work investigates how digital technologies lead to digital transformations, changes in the nature of the work and digital organizing. In particular part of her research focuses on how managers and employees enact and make sense of digital transformations, the associated challenges and digital strategies.

Another important strand of her research investigates collaboration, group work and learning in both blended and virtual learning environments (e.g. MOOCs).

She has published over 90 scholarly written articles in refereed journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. Liana has published extensively on how social media, digital platforms (e.g. Podio) and artificial intelligence/software agents impact knowledge sharing, communication, collaboration, innovation and learning.

Her article: What factors influence knowledge sharing in organizations? A social dilemma perspective of social media communication” is the most downloaded article in the CBS open access database.

Primary research areas
  • Management of Knowledge and Innovation
  • Social Media and Semantic Web
  • User Modeling and Personalization
  • Learning Environments and Cross-cultural Collaboration
  • Social Computing
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  • Managing Knowledge Work, Communication and Innovation using Social Media - Graduate Course Elective
  • Web Interaction Design and Communication: New Forms of Interaction, Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration - Undergraduate Course Elective
  • Social Innovation within the Sino-Danish programme

I am interested in supervising master thesis on topics related to social media use in an organizational context and business communication. I also welcome students interested on the topic of  social media, knowledge sharing or web interaction design.

Other teaching activities
  • Emerging Technologies for Communication and Management of Knowledge Work - 2009
  • Knowledge Management - 2008
  • Web Services for Enterprise Application Integration-executive education seminar - 2005
Selected publications
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Liana Razmerita / An Ontology-Based Framework for Modeling User Behavior : A Case Study in Knowledge Management.
In: I E E E Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems & Humans, Vol. 41, No. 4, 6.2011, p. 772-783
Journal article > peer review
Liana Razmerita; Armelle Brun / Assigning Students in Groups : Self-formed Groups versus Automatically-formed Groups.
In: TICE 2010: 7ème Colloque Technologies de l'information et de la communication pour l'enseignement: Nancy-Metz, 6-8 décembre 2010. Nancy : Nancy Université 2011
Article in proceedings > peer review
Liana Razmerita; Armelle Brun / Collaborative Learning in Heterogeneous Classes : Towards a Group Formation Methodology.
In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Computer Supported Education2011, p. 189-194
Article in proceedings > peer review
Liana Razmerita; Kathrin Kirchner / How Wikis can be Used to Manage Knowledge in SMEs : A Case Study.
In: Business Information Review, Vol. 28, No. 3, 2011, p. 175-178
Journal article > peer review
Frantisek Sudzina; Liana Razmerita; Kathrin Kirchner / Strengthening Weak Ties through On-line Gaming
Poster session presented at ACM WebSci Conference 2011, 2011
Poster > peer review
A. Brun; A. Boyer; Liana Razmerita / Compass to Locate the User Model I need : Building the Bridge between Researchers and Practitioners in User Modeling.
In: User Modeling, Adaption, and Personalization: 18th International Conference. UMAP, Big island, HI, USA, June 20-24, 2010. . . ed. /Paul De Bra; Alfred Kobsa; David Chin. Berlin : Springer Science+Business Media 2010, p. 303-314 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6075/2010)
Book chapter > peer review
Liana Razmerita; Kathrin Kirchner / Data Mining for Web-based Support Systems : A Case Study in e-Custom Systems.
In: Web-based Support Systems. ed. /Jin Tao Yao. London : Springer Science+Business Media 2010, p. 387-401
Book chapter > peer review
Frantisek Sudzina; Kathrin Kirchner; Liana Razmerita / Knowledge Management in ERP System Implementation
Paper presented at The 28th International Conference on Organizational Science Development, 2009
Kathrin Kirchner; Liana Razmerita; Frantisek Sudzina / New forms of interaction and knowledge sharing on Web 2.0
In: Web 2.0: The business model. . ed. /Miltiadis D. Lytras; Ernesto Damiani; Ordónez de Pablos Patricia. New York : Springer Science+Business Media 2009, p. S.21-36
Book chapter > peer review
Liana Razmerita; Kathrin Kirchner; Frantisek Sudzina / Personal Knowledge Management : The Role of Web 2.0 Tools for Managing Knowledge at Individual and Organisational Levels.
In: Online Information Review, Vol. 33, No. 6, 2009, p. 1021-1039
Journal article > peer review
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