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Digital Markets Competition Forum

The DMC Forum is an initiative to bridge academic research and practice to discuss the different perspectives on the ways digital platforms create value in the digital economy and the pressing challenges for competition regulation in digital markets.

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The Digital Markets Competition Forum is a new initiative to enhance the dissemination of Strategy and Innovation research, and its practical relevance in the context of the digital economy. Led by Professor (with special responsibilities) Carmelo Cennamo, the DMC Forum’s main objective is to foster a progressive debate on the role of digital platforms in the economy and the new competitive forces in digital markets. In particular, the DMC Forum aims to:

  • bridge academic research and the practice of management in (and of) digital markets;
  • promote the dissemination of management research on digital platforms, ecosystems and competition and innovation in digital markets;
  • reach out to policymakers, firms, and stakeholders at large to discuss the opportunities (for innovation and value creation) as well as the challenges associated with digital platforms and digital markets, including the implications for the regulatory framework.

The mission of the DMC Forum is to bring together different perspectives to jointly discuss the opportunities and challenges that digital markets present and ways to size and deal with them, with a particular focus on the current debate on the regulatory framework.

The Forum is intended as an event series, offering a platform to all – academics, platform leaders, policymakers, as well as digital market participants – to share their views and advance the public debate on how digital platforms and the related orchestrated digital markets, promote innovation, value creation and change in the economy and society.

The Forum will stimulate inclusive discussion around the key topics in the current debate on the digital economy to identify and properly frame the emerging challenges at stake, as well as the opportunities, and the ways to shape them.

One of the intended objectives of the Forum is to contribute ideas about management practices and possible policy solutions for the greater good, which can strike a good balance between the market conditions to stimulate innovation, value creation and competition, and the conditions to protect consumers in digital markets.

Reports and working papers
As part of the forum, we will publish various reports and working papers in order to prepare events, and in order to follow up on initiatives and current discussions.

PDF icon Working paper: Data Practices in Digital Ecosystems: Implications for Value Creation, Competition and Regulation

PDF icon First report of the DMCF: Value Preserving Platform Regulation published November 2020

A first cycle of events has received the sponsorship from Facebook. If you want to discuss possible collaborations or thematic events, please contact:

Carmelo Cennamo, professor MSO at CBS, and director of the DMC Forum initiative at



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