Department of Digitalization

Stig Nyman
PhD fellow

+45 42 52 52 30

Stig is a PhD Fellow at the Department of Digitalization. In his research, Stig draw on Foucault’s genealogical method to examine ethical concerns of a growing trend to replace algorithms with human managers. He blends archival researh with workshops to explore the past and potential futures for ”algorithmic managers”.In particular, Stig is interested in digital productivity assistants; an emerging class of digital applications that survey digital data traces to help employees prioritize work tasks and counter burnout.

Stig holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration & Philosophy. Stig's project is motivated by his experiences as entrepreneur, business developer and project manager where he observed, how workplace tracking affected his own and his colleagues his motivation and attitude to work.

Primary research areas
  • Algorithmic management
  • People Analytics
  • Self-tracking in the workplace
  • The quantified employee
Social media
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  • Behavioural Economics - MSc in Business Administration & Philosophy
  • Projects related to my research areas and genealogical perspectives on digital technologies.

Publications sorted by:
Stig Nyman (Performer) ; Mads Misiak Friis (Producer) / How Tracking Your Work Helps Everybody : Growth Island #80.
København : Growth Island 2021
Sound/Visual production (digital)
Outside activities


  • Facilitation of workshops, Corporate Club